Maytag aqualift self cleaning oven problem

msm84May 8, 2013

Has anyone been successful using the "AquaLift" cleaning so many newer stoves come with? I have a new Maytag gas oven and I do love it, but the cleaning cycle just doesn't do much of anything! It does clean the bottom where the heated water is, but not up the walls or top of the oven cavity. With my older self-cleaning oven I would run it every 4-6 months and maybe I waited to long to run the AquaLift cycle on my new (6 months old) stove.

Now what? Do I just leave the burnt on stuff or try one of the spray cleaners even thou it tells you not to. I'm lost at this point...sigh.......


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I have the aqualift on my maytag induction stove, I find doing the cleaning regularly, like once week ( I use the oven a lot) is the best way to keep it clean, I give it a good wipe after and it looks good again. If it is really grimey it might take a little elbow grease to get it cleaned up.

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Thanks for your comments. Thats what I figured, I have waited to long to run the clean cycle! I'll have to see if some extra elbow grease will help...... I also thought about putting a large pan of water on a rack in the middle and setting the temp up high to cause steam. Might try that to loosen some of the baked on stuff. It works in my dish washer to clean pots so just maybe!

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