hand-held steam cleaning upholstery

lauriefreeMay 26, 2010

The shark steam pocket (portable) videos show it cleaning upholstered furniture. I will definitely test an inconspicuous spot before I tried it, but to tell you the truth, I'm unclear on the concept. Has anyone used their portable steamer to perk up their upholstery? any tips on how best to use it?

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I had an off-white upholstered rocker that I suddenly realized was filthy. Funny how that kind of thing can sneak up on you.... Anyhow, I worked on it first with a can of upholstery cleaner. It was somewhat better, but then I realized that the bottom of the skirt was black with dirt. The foam cleaner didn't touch it. Then I tried my Shark hand-held steamer. I blasted a small section of the skirt fold with steam, then rubbed it with a microfiber cloth. A Lot of dirt came off. After working my way all around the edge I tackled the rest of the chair. It helped, but didn't get all the dirt off.

Long story short, I tried to donate the chair to Goodwill but they wouldn't take it. I ended up driving it to the dump.

Assuming your furniture isn't as dirty as my chair was, I recommend trying steam. It really loosened a lot of the dirt. Just don't wait as long as I did.

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