corian stains

scrabbleMay 5, 2010

We have white corian countertops in our kitchen and sink. I have searched corian on this site and find concerns about scratches but not much dealing with stains. My sink is stained, after cleaning it is not white but more a light yellow. I use Soft Scrub with bleach, leave that on for sometime and it still does not get back to white. What can I use?



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Try "Barkeepers Friend" and let it set about an hour before rinsing it (you don't have to scrub hard). Of all the cleaning products out there it has about the highest content of bleaching agent (oxalic acid). We have used it for years on our corian sink, it is not a white one but it sure removes the stains.

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Two suggestions:

1. Try Bon Ami scouring powder. Apply it gently and leave it on for a while. Then wipe it off and rinse it.

2. Soak a paper towel with chlorine bleach (Clorox) full strength, rest the towel on the stain and cover it with plastic wrap. Let it stay there for a while. You may need to repeat this depending on the stain.

Good luck.

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I had a dark stain on the Corian in my bathroom. I believe it was from my daughter's hair dyue. Poured some barkeepers Friend (the liquid, not the powder in a can)let it set a couple of hours and the stain wiped right off.

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I didn't know Barkeeper's Friend came in a liquid form. I'll have to look for it.

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I don't remember where I bought them, but I have both a can of powder and a plastic bottle (not a spray, a thick liquid) of liquid BKF.

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