tub color for refinishing

dms1973April 18, 2014

I've just retiled by bathroom with honed carerra marble 2" hex on the floor and white subway tile on the tub surround. I used silver shadow grout for both. the tub is the original cast iron tub from 1932. I'm going to have it refinished, but I'm unsure of the color.

Currently the tub is just SLIGHTLY off white. I've attached a photo to this post. I'm afraid that if I refinish the tub pure white that it will be too much white. should I consider going biscuit or maybe a custom off white color that is not pure white?

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What is the plan/color scheme/style for the rest of the bathroom?

I think a bright white tub always looks fresh, clean, and new - so I wouldn't hesitate to go that route - plus I think white is more neutral whereas a biscuit color might be more polarizing. Going with a custom white color would also be fine I'm sure - but I'm not sure it's necesssary.

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Another vote for the bright white, classic. :)

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Does it really *need* refinishing or are you changing it because you don't like the off-white?

I am asking because the refinishing on my tub started to peel about one month after it was done. I know people have had success with it but I didn't.

I ended up removing the peeling finish and the surface of the tube was not even as good as it had been before the refinishing because the surface had been etched as part of the refinishing process.

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My tub was refinished and is holding up very well. Ineffablespace, didn't you have a warranty? We got a 15 yr prorated.

I would do classic white and only do it if it really needs it.

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True white.

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It probably did but I decided not to invoke it, I also hated the way it felt. I gave up and gutted the bathroom which is what I should have done in the first place. They had done the tile too so I basically had a product that cost $100 a day (total price divided by the number of days from when it was finished to when I decided it was a waste of money and I had to move on to plan B)

I hate to be a downer, but you really should have refinished the tub Before you did all that tile work, which looks great by the way. That way if you decided really needed to replace the tub you could have done it.

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