Best product for shower tile cleaning?

amerdinMay 8, 2013

We have very soft conditioned water so I need a basic cleaner for soap scum and general cleaning. Any suggestions?

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I would use Fantastic, but it is better to squeegee the flat surfaces and wipe it all down with a hand towel after every use. Takes less than 2 minutes. I haven't cleaned my shower stall since I bought this home 7 years ago, do as I suggested and no cleaning is necessary. I did see a little soap scum in the lower 4 inches of the shower, used fantastic and it went away with a swipe of a cloth. I make sure I get the bottom few inches now.

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Plain simple shampoo such as Prell works wonders to clean shower tile.

Then stop using bar soap and use bath liquid, problem solved via rinsing/wiping down shower with squeegee. It is the talcum in bar soap that is hard to remove.

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I heard someone has said that liquid bubble bath soap is the cheapest and easiest clean up. ed-[Oops, that was a suggestion for prevention of tile cleaning problems. Not a tile cleaning suggestion.] Does that sound right?

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This is a fantastic shower/tub cleaner!... In a spray bottle mix half and half, regular strength Dawn dishwashing liquid and half Vinegar. Just spray it on.. go off and do something else for a while then come back and use whatever device you usually use when scrubbing the shower, sponge, scrubber what ever it is.....You will be amazed at how good this works, you really will. I have read where some people heat the vinegar and I did try it the first time I mixed it up, but saved the rest and used it at room temp from then on, it works just as good as heated. One thing I really love about this cleaner, except for the fact it works so good is, you can go off and do other things while it "works".. then come back even an hour later and it is still wet, it doesn't dry like the other spray cleaners do. I did buy a heavy duty spray bottle at Walmart in the section where the broom and mops are.. this bottle sprays with authority.
In the past when I got busy with other things and the shower got out of hand and disgusting I would use Easy Off Oven Cleaner in the blue can. It works fantastic let me tell you...
Try the vinegar/Dawn.... you will love it...

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You can use liquid soap.

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I use the product with "scrubbing bubbles". Found in any grocery store.

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