Does this grout job look right to you?

crthomsonApril 16, 2012

I had hoped to be posting finished pictures (which I will soon), but after living with my new master bath for a week, I am noticing little things that I did not initially (you may well point out that I am therefore rather slow on the uptake, but I am a total rookie at this whole process)

Anyhow, I now notice that the grout job appears very poorly done in some spots, fine in some but awful in others. Do you agree, and if so, can anything be done about it now?

ALSO, I can see "lines" where the 12 X 12 sheets of hex's were laid. I imagined a more uniform look. My hubby says he can sort of see what I mean, but that I am nuts. Please look at pic and comment on grout and "lines".

And most importantly tell me if there is anything that can be done to correct grout.

I hope you can see the pic. When I go to this link, I can. Hope I did this right. THANKS!!!

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Hi Carol, What a lovely bathroom; I can't wait to see the rest of it! I can see the pic, so I'm guessing others will be able to as well. I can see the seamlines where the sheets were joined, I think - do they run right though that black flower near the wall? Is the problem with the grout with width, or with depth? Or both? It's hard to tell with white on white where it might be off; could you maybe post a close-up or two? When looking into hex tile for my floor, I did notice that there were differences among manufacturers as to the uniformity of tile spacing on the mesh. If you have any mesh sheets left over, you could check there. I'm sure the tile experts will have more info, too.

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Your picture:

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i can't see grout issues from the picture, but the picture very clearly shows the 'lines' that you're talking about and i wouldn't be happy with that...

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I wouldn't be happy either, but the only remedy is to rip everything out and start over, so I guess I'd learn to be a little happier or put down a rug.

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Does anyone have an opinion about why the lines between the sheets may have happened? Like, what about the way it was installed caused this? Could it have anything to do with the radiant heat?

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I believe you can see the issues with the grout lines in some of the close up pictures that are included in the album I posted, above, especially if you zoom in some, if your computer does that. I could not get my camera or phone close enough to take super zoomed in pix.

Bottom line I am now realizing is that it is poorly done. Question is can anything short of ripping it up be done. The grout was too high and sloppy in some places and when I pointed this out, my GC took a golf tee and kind of gouged it out so now there are gouge marks....just what you want in a white bathroom floor with already a ton of grout lines---more crevices for dirt to accumulate!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: close ups of grout

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You have my sympathies - and I wonder if we shared a tile guy. I'm about to post similar issues with my ever-so-simple subway tile. It's so frustrating to pay people to do work expecting a certain level of quality; that they'll do as good a job for you as they would for themselves, but maybe not.

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Lynne Reno

I can clearly see the lines and I don't think I would accept it, I'd call the GC and tell him to deal with it. Maybe it's the fault of the tile, perhaps the grout line is different at the edge than between individual tiles; but that's still not your problem- that's something for the tile installer to work out with the dealer you bought the tile from.

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Sophie Wheeler

No, there is no "fix" other than to tear it all out and redo it. If that is done, you probably won't be able to salvage the tile and would be starting over from scratch.

This is one of those situations that if you had said something when the tile first went down before it was grouted, it might have been salvaged. The whole situation is too far gone in time to be able to expect a tradesman to buy you new tile and redo everything.

Now, if he's reputable, he might agree to redo the labor if you were to supply new tile, but that's about the best result from this that you could expect.

The worst is that you end up in court, paying a lawyer, and don't win your case. Or, you do win, but can't collect anything because the contractor goes into bankruptcy.

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I see no grout issues. It looks normal to me. Grout is not something that is uniform. If you looked closely at any tile job you would notice imperfections.

I do see the lines showing where each sheet is laid. It happens because the sheet the tiles are glued to supports the tiles and keeps them level and spaced with each other, but it doesn't support the tiles on the outside edges.

Those 'lines' wouldn't be acceptable to me, but as others have pointed out, it's far too late to correct. Hopefully you have not paid him in full, because I would withhold a portion of payment. Your tile guy should have noticed the issue and corrected it before he completed.

It might be noticeable, but it's definitely not too bad. I don't think any guests or anyone seeing it would ever notice or think twice.

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The grout problems aren't apparent, but when I really zoomed in it looks as if there are little pits and places where the grout doesn't fill the space between the tiles. Is that what the problem is? (besides the lines being visible from the joints of the sheets). It looked to me like it would be a cleaning nightmare, if I was seeing it correctly. I'd talk to the gc and/or find out if you can have it regrouted over top of the existing grout to fill in the spots. (I don't know if that can be done without removing the old grout).

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Yes, in the closeups of the grout you can see plenty of glops and holidays. I'd be unhappy, too.

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