Help! Fabric softener stain on clothing

cearabMay 23, 2008

I don't know what is happening, but I noticed a large irregular stain on a light blue pajama top that appears to be the Downy fabric softener I use. I have a 7 year old Kitchenaid washing machine, with the fabric softener dispenser in the middle of the machine. You know, the kind where you put the softener in at the start of the wash, add water until it reaches the top of the screen in the dispenser, and forget about it. Well, this stain is purple in color, which is the color of the Lavender fabric softener I have been using. The stain is at least 5". I rewashed the article, and nothing came out. Is there a way to remove this stain, and is there any reason any of you can think that this would happen? It's a large capacity machine, and I never overload.


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I have heard you can rub it with a bar of soap, like Ivory, and then rewash it. I'm not sure if that was just for dryer sheets or if it'll work with liquid. Can't hurt to try!

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Yes, bar soap. I remove caked on fabric softener from the sides of my washing machine's insides by using straight vinegar, so put vinegar in the rinse cycle too.

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