Kerdi membrane on the ceilling of the bathtub?

tobik5April 29, 2014

Mind me asking - should I insist of using Kerdi memebrane on the ceilling of the tub/shower combo or green board is ok? PLus, what is the proper way to use the Kerdi memebrane in tub / or shower install ? Overlap it or boarder to boarder and tape it ? then the question is - tape it with what?

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You don't need to insist for it to be installed on the ceiling. The only time it's be required would be for a steam shower where all six sides of the shower cube would need a barrier. For a tub surround it's perfectly appropriate to Kerdi the walls and just paint the ceiling.

If you want to tile the ceiling, then you could Kerdi and tile the ceiling, or cement board (no Kerdi and no green board) and tile the ceiling.

To seam Kerdi, one sheet can overlap another (2" minimum for any overlaps) or the sheets can be butted together and then the butted seam covered with a strip of Kerdi or a strip of Kerdi Band.

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