urine out of mattress?

retro_rabbitMay 5, 2005

My son (age 4) had a bedwetting accident for the first time EVER. Unfortunately, we'd just move, and in a quick stopgap measure so we could get to sleep the first night, my DH had put just the sheets on the bed... no mattress pad, nothing waterproof, no protection. It's a fairly new mattress and it's SOAKED. Is there anything I can do to save it? I'm not just worried about the smell -- I'm worried about mold, mildew and germs.

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Blot...blot blot with paper towels kleenex what ever you can find....and when no more moisture comes up.....dump on some Nature's Mirical....or another...think it's called kids and dogs.....let it sit for 15 minutes and blot again....until it is as dry as you can get it....
Then set it up so there is air on all sides and turn an electric fan on it...on high....for about 48 hours....then see.
May have to call a professional....but those measures will do no harm.
Linda C

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Next time you set up the bed, try this:

bottom: vinyl sheet (waterproof)
on top of that: regular sheet
on top of that: another vinyl sheet
lastly on top of that: regular sheet

Teach your kid if he wets his bed in the middle of the night, to get up himself, strip off the first two layers, then go back to bed. You can do laundry in the AM and enjoy a full nights uninterrupted sleep.

This cured my son pronto. I realize that your son may not be a frequent wetter (mine was nightly) but my buddy parents like my idea, which I got from Dear Abby!

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Excellent idea... probably overkill in this case, as this kid almost never pees at night at all (even as a baby; even in this case, it was a first-thing-in-the-morning accident)... but one I will definitely remember for his siblings!

Where do you get your vinyl sheets? The waterproof sheets we have have a tendency to pull off very easily - with ours I'm not sure a kid could strip off the top two layers without getting the bottom ones too.

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Use vinyl mattress covers, than a regular mattress pad.

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Go to a vets office and get a product called Equalizer. It's a spray for cat urine. Works great on people urine too.

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I have used Dettol very successfully on cat urine. It is probably the phenol compound that neutralizes it.

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leaning a soiled or stained mattress is no walk in the park. A meticulous vacuuming of the mattress and box spring can eliminate dust and mites. A soiled mattress, however, needs to be rid of the moisture, which can be absorbed by towels etc. Use a mild soap, detergent or upholstery cleaner. Use dry suds so as to avoid the mattress becoming more wet. The technique is simple. Mix a mild detergent with little warm water with a wisk or a beater. Remove the froth, and clean the mattress with the remaining solution. Apply it with a brush to remove stains and odor, and leave it in the sun or under a fan to dry. Although itÂs the longest part of the procedure, your involvement is the least.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mattress Cleaning Method

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Totally Toddler even works on old urine stains. I get it at Walmart in the baby department can be used on bedding clothing high chairs carpets most anything and it's for urine blood vomit and food stains etc.

The Totally Toddler stuff has saved me many times over the years. Love that stuff removes the odor rather than just covering it up as well.

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We have a product that can actually soak up the urine and pull it out of the mattress. Click the link below to contact me and I will send you some.

Raleigh Carpet Cleaning - Miracle Carpet & House Cleaning Raleigh

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Our oldest dog peed on a pillow on top of a bed a couple of years back. I took a large can of lysol and sprayed/drenched the mattress with it. It worked but I bet the Natures Miracle stuff would work even better, along with the other tips given here.

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same as many of the above in addition nothing like taking the mattress outside on a nice sunny day@!

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