Lowe's brand vs major brand toilet? Help me decide

revkaApril 11, 2009

Aquasource is Lowe's brand toilet. The sales clerk said their high performance Aquasource had a higher rating (5 stars) than the Kohler brand... by some independent study. At half the price of the Kohler Highline or other major brands, it's a bargain if the toilet is any good. Anyone ever heard of the aquasource brand?

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I did some research recently on the best inexpensive toilets. I haven't heard of the Lowe's brand you are talking about. I found that the Cadet 3 by American Standard (169.00 at HD) has excellent reviews. Also highly recommended is a toilet sold by Sam's Club. It is a brand called Alexis and sells for only $100. Both the Cadet 3 and the Alexis are dual flush, comfort height toilets with elongated bowls. (The Cadet 3 is also available with a round bowl.) I plan to purchase the Alexis because of the price and because my husband likes the flush button on the top of the tank. You can see photos of both toilets on Google Images. Good luck with your choice.

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To Kendog2, Thanks for your feedback. I went ahead and purchased the Aquasource today. My neighbor had also heard it was a good brand. However, I'm also going to check out the toilets you mentioned. I have until Wed when my plumber arrives... to change my mind. Thanks again.

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do a search on toilets (on gardenweb). verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting reading.
anyway, i was going to purchase the cadet 3 and then switched to toto's after a bit more research.

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To Kateskouros- I'm curious to know where you are purchasing your Toto? I would consider a Toto if I could find it locally... and could check out the color first.

The toilet I currently own is a Toto and the main reason I'm replacing it (aside from the few cracks inside the bowl), is because it doesn't match my biscuit sinks or bathtub. It's an off white color, but more of a beige tone. Whereas biscuit has more of a yellowish undertone. In fact I couldn't even find an a toilet seat to match my Toto. Toto also does not have a color referred to as "biscuit", so I'd really want to see it first before purchasing. Thanks for your feedback.

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Toto has a diagram on their website comparing the color to the Kohler colors. How old is the Toto you have? They have a fairly long warranty if I remember correctly and I would consider cracks in the bowl something to discuss with the manufacturer as it may be a defect. Toto can also send you sample chips. I only found one or two retailers in my area that carry Toto in stock. One retailer had the Aquias in the bathroom.

Good luck!

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To homepro - Thanks for your feedback. Our Toto toilet was installed by the builder 9 years ago. I had thought perhaps the warranty might cover the cracks; however we the second owners and it states at the Toto website that the warranty is only "available to the original purchaser."

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Look at the CUWCC test results. The Aquasource wasn't tested for performance (presumably at Lowe's request). That'd give me pause about buying one. There are lots of other high-performing options, and some inexpensive ones, also.

Here is a link that might be useful: MaP 13th edition, App B

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Thull, Thanks for your link. "Aquasource" is the Lowes brand, which is actually made by another company for Lowes. I've been trying to find out which company. Reading the fine print on your linked MaP chart, it's states the Lowes is "EQUIVALENT TO FOREMOST MODEL TL-7600HC-HET: LL-7600HC-HET bowl, T-7600-HET." Also, in the Foremost section it states "ALSO SOLD AT LOWE'S AS AQUASOURCE 005905". It seems these Foremost models rate pretty well. Correct me if I'm wrong. There is more than one Aquasource model, so I've put a call into Lowes customer service to see if I can find out more information. Thanks again.

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Well after all my research I decided to return the Lowes Aquasource and purchase a Kohler Highline/Biscuit color. I just wasn't able to get enough information on the Aquasource model to feel comfortable keeping it. Turns out the one I had was not the Foremost model mentioned above, but another product manufactured in China. It could very well be a good product, but I feel more comfortable going with a known brand. Fortunately Lowes had the Kohler Highline marked down... and with a 10% discount coupon, I was able to purchase the Kohler Highline in biscuit for $265 which is a reasonable price for a highly rated product, imho.

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At the suggestion of my plumber I purchased an Aqua Source toilet several months ago. I think it's a great value for the money. It flushes quietly, with low water usage, and doesn't....errrr.....ummmmm.....leave anything behind.

The only gripe I have, at all, is that the nylon bolts that keep the lid on have such a wide and long groove that none of my screwdrivers fit. I had to modify a the working end of a chisel to tighten it.

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My new Aqua toilet spits out water from the top of the thing that controls the flapper. This is quite unusual and I don't thing it is correct. Four people who have looked at it said they had never seen water coming out other than thru to tube. This caused my tank to overflow and the pressure knocked of the plumbing putting water all over my apartment. What is wrong and why does it do it. A Lowe's employee said another buyer had the same problem and that it was Aquasource's problem not theirs.

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I have had an Aquasource toilet since 2008 without a problem. It is the elongated, $99 model. I just installed another Aquasource since both my Kohler and Eljer crapped out. The Aquasource flushes and cleans much better than either of the others. CU rates the Aquasource a best buy and so do I. ;-)

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I tries to find a replacement handle for an Aqua Source, Lowes doesn't have it online, gotta drive 20 miles and hope they have it, next time, will but a name brand, parts can be bought anywhere, and saves alot of problems, went to Home Depot, bought a Koehler, I will never go to Lowes again!!

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I just installed three $99 AquaSource toilets in a friend's house and I was quite impressed with their operation (I'm used to installing much more expensive toilets). Granted, they save money by using cheap plastic parts wherever they can, but they should last a long while before replacing with a brass actuator handle and a Fluidmaster system (what, a total of about $25? that's do-able). AND just hold the handle down longer for a more complete flush - no biggie. Nothing against the units from AmStd, Kohler, etc., but I'd gladly replace my toilets with the AquaSource model, especially if budget is important. I consider them an excellent value. (I would like a slo-close lid, thought...)

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You were smart to return the Aquasource. We have had one for 3 years and need to replace the flapper. No one has the parts in stock, the toilet flushes horribly anyway and I hate it. We recently completed an addition to our home and added a new master bath and a half bath. I painfully researched toilets and it came down to the Toto (because they at least have one plant in the US) and the Champion 4. We went with the Champion 4 and that was the best move ever. Flushes like older toilets but uses less water. This Aquasouce has never been a good buy and it's worth it to go ahead and spend an extra $100 to get something decent. It's not like you are talking $1,000 difference. It's so worth the money to buy something, anything, else.

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I need to replace the 1960's toilets in a rental property with 1.28G toilets. It appears that most of the 1.28g toilets now have good flushing performance but many of them have "residue" / bowl wash issues . Also, some of them require proprietary repair parts vs generic parts (Korky, Fluidmaster). The use of generic parts is a rquirement for me. Price is an important consideration too (spend as little as possible, budget -$100-$150). I am looking for recommendations on which model to buy.

Is the Aquasource toilet from Lowes the one to get ?

BTW - I am considering Aquasource single flush model from Lowes, Glacier Bay single flush model from Home Depot, Amercan Standard Cadet 3, Delta Prelude.


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Don't know about the Aquasource, but I bought two of the American Standard Cadet 3s, and they work great. My only complaint is that the plastic seat is really uncomfortable. I'm looking into replacing just the seat.

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I went with the aquasource on my remodel. Its a good price and has some of the highest ratings on Consumer Reports. People seem to think that Toto is the only good brand. We have 2 Totos from the previous owner and a new aquasource and I think it performs just as well.

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FWIW- I found the Korky Toolbox site helpful in determining whether universal / generic repair parts were available for a particular model of toilet -


Here is a link that might be useful: Korky Toilet Toolbox

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