cleaning my 'river rock' tile

collageMay 17, 2012

I've searched the forum and don't see this question posted and hope someone can help. About 3 years ago we installed black river rock on the floor of our shower and as a border in the bathroom. I don't believe it was sealed when it was installed (isn't hindsight always 20/20??) and I now have two problems.

First, there's water build up in the area of the shower floor where the water hits and, second, now I'm seeing whitish spots on the border tile as well--almost as if a toothpaste/water combination has splashed onto the floor (it hasn't). So far I've tried Granite Gold (my favorite cleaner for our granite countertops in the kitchen) and a vinegar/water mixture--neither has helped even a little.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm hoping to find something to restore the original color/cleanliness and then seal the granite.

I did call the place we purchased the 'river rock' tile but they didn't have any suggestions.

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I found a product called "Rejuvenate" Tile & Grout Cleaner in a local hardware store. Spray it on,(no scrubbing) then wipe, it works by enzymes and is re-activated every time you damp-mop your tile. I have tile in my bathroom, not marble, just some kind of stone tile. We had bathroom remodeled in 2005. The Rejuvewnate keeps it looking good.

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