Help! Please review Master Bath Layout!

jeanshurmanApril 4, 2012

Hello all,

We are trying to decide on the layout for our new master bath/closet and we are in need of some input!

We will be tearing down current garage (circa 1928 w/ crumbling slab) and building a new usable one w mudroom (!) and access into the house. Above the new garage will be new master bath and closet area.

Our architect has given us two layouts. One includes a 'bonus' sitting room that is only accessible through bathroom.

I am leaning towards this option but my partner thinks it will create a "circus" feel to our home and that a room only accessible through a bathroom is ridiculous. I disagree. I have poured over current real estate listings on new construction in our area and sitting rooms are common in the master suite now. I know they are usually the bridge between the bedroom and bathroom but I like our option because it is further away and more private. Always keeping resale in mind, I think that we can sell it as an office, and exercise room or a nursery. (Should we go for baby #3, I think it would be an amazing nursery!) Our architect, builder and the Realtor who helped us find this house all think we should go with this option, but my partner isn't convinced! Any input would be greatly appreciated.

In this image you can also see our existing en suite. It is very small and we would like to put up a wall in our bedroom and create access to this bathroom through hallway. I love the idea of moving laundry upstairs, but I HATE this layout. He didn't change anything about current bathroom layout, perhaps to save money. My feeling is that if we are also doing this bathroom (which we eventually will), we need to do it 'right' and make space as useful as possible. Thoughts?

I would also love your opinions on bathroom size/layout and master closet size!

Here is the other option without bonus room. To me, this closet seems entirely too large and I don't love the idea of it being open to the bathroom. If we went with this option, I would not use the type of doors drawn.

Thanks for reading and helping!!


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I say go with the bonus room option. It's called bonus for a reason. You or future owners could use it for whatever you want. Like you said it could be a nursery or exercise room or it could be an office or sewing room and it could still always be used as a closet or storage room in the future. It looks like it will have plenty of light coming in from the windows. I would love to have such a space.

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Option 1, definitely. There is a lot of wasted space in option 2 just due to door swings (and a double-hallway setup). Option 1 is great--especially with a gym over a garage--no one will care about noise!

If neither of these are quite right, figure out how to reconfigure the master bath so that you can get to the bonus room via the closet. But, really, I don't think it is an issue the way it is.

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Why don't you make the bonus room the closet, and the closet the sitting room?

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Fori is not pleased

They're both weird. I'd love to have either of them--don't get me wrong--but weird. The first is better but I agree I'd send the architect back to the drawing board (haha for real!). Slide a few walls, put the bathroom in the gym area. Instead of a closed off "gym", have the rest of it open to master bedroom with closets stuck somewhere. Long wide spacious hallway with closets and room for sitting...?

If this is really all that can be done, I'd go with the first option.

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I would some how make the "bonus room" the master bath with access through the closet then make the bath into the bonus room, with a door off that hallway. You have the option of keeping a door between the new bonus room and the bath.

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The shower-tub-toilet locations are the same in both options as they are now, right? Seems like a nice arrangement and those are expensive to move -- so don't move them unless you have to. (Sinks are much easier to move.)

I do agree that getting to the bonus room through the master bath is a bit odd -- but that just makes it a private space, not a public one. As you say, great for a nursery, home gym, or second master closet. (I'd love two big ones!)

The second option wastes tons of space in the closet! It would look awful unless you have all those doors, and be very expensive to build (and probably annoying to use) if you do have that many doors.

But if you kept the second floor plan and squared up the closet in the location closest to the bath, you'd have enough space left over for a sitting area that is open to the bedroom if you like.

Even so, I'd still prefer the 1st option. That just looks like it would be nice space to live in.

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If #1 gives you utility for your current (and future) life, then do it.

I wouldn't worry a lick about resale because that sitting area could easily become a second closet (dibs on the bigger one!). So if you sell someday, there's a real simple inexpensive option for re-purposing.

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Niether is all that appealing.

With the second one shown "squared off" to the original master, it shows that it can be done. Well, just put a doorway in that portion, right next to the closet so that you access the bonus room directly.

Another option, and I think the better one, would be to relocate the hallway, so that it served the bathroom, closet, and bonus room. Again, this is not difficult to do at all, and I much prefer the straight shot to the bathroom effect that this gives. You would need to scoot over the sink locations by about 3', but that is the only plumbing alteration to the plans. I'd choose pocket doors for both the closet and bonus room access, as I suspect they'll mostly stay open. There's not quite enough room for pocket door access to the bathroom unless you are willing to thicken that wall up to accommodate both the plumbing and the door thickness.

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I LIKE that last one!

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I like it too, but I would first want to know where the OP intended to put the bed. GreenDesign's layout could be a problem if the bed was going to go on the wall between the bedroom and the closet.

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Either of GreenDesign's plans are much better than either of the architect's, IMO.

Bed placement ... good question, dekeoboe. It looks like it could go against the existing bathroom wall in Plan B, though.

If the closet wall needs to be a bit longer, here's a tweak to GreenDesign's Plan B that might work:

The rectangle in the revised space is a place holder for a vanity table or a pretty dresser for jewelry, etc (although it looks like you have plenty of room in your closet for such things). Anyhoo, I'm picturing something pretty just inside the doorway that makes use of what would otherwise be wasted space. I'd be tempted to go with glass paned doors into the music room/gym to let more light into the hallway area.

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I like GreenDesign's plans better, but I would rather have my own closet. Could this one large closet be made into two. I don't like to share the master closet with my husband. My closet is the one room in the house that is all mine.

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