Toilet for a kids bathroom

katie111April 1, 2013

Redoing my kids bathroom (3 kids ages 6, 9, & 10) and I need to pick out a toilet. I have no idea what to look for. Would like to keep it under $400 and would prefer to keep it under $300. This toilet will get lots of use so I need something that will hold up. The overall design for the bath is fairly modern: glass mosaic accent tiles, wood-look tile floor and large white subway tiles in the bath surround.

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Toto Drake II would be my choice. You can find it online for less than a plumbing store, generally (or find a plumbing SUPPLY place and price it there).

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We just installed an American Standard Clean Cadet, and it has been great in the 3 months we been using it. Got it at the Big Blue Box for two and a quarter.

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I can't speak from experience, but the Drake II mentioned above is very well spoken of over at Terry Love forums. If you want a skirted model for ease of cleaning, I've narrowed my own choice to an Aquia II or Vespin II based on my reading around here and TL. I myself am leaning toward the Vespin for the Sanigloss, larger water spot than Aquia (which is a dual flush, which tend to have smaller water spots), and dual cyclone flushing system.

You might want to mosey on over and see if they have some threads on best models for multiple kids. Everyone seems to favor elongated seats for males though, apparently there is an anatomical issue with short bowls.

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Definitely toto with sanagloss and skirted model for ease of cleaning. I also prefer larger tanks for when several kids need to go :)

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the Drake II is excellent - I have one - but not sure I'd get it for a kids' bath because it's only available as a tall "comfort height" model, young kids would probably be better off with shorter-height (about 14-1/2"h) with elongated bowl for easier reach.

Gerber Avalanche 21-812 would be my first pick, Toto Drake (not Drake II) 1.6g elongated without the universal-height bowl would be my second pick. Neither of these have skirted edges, but there may be other models up the line with the same flush system that do.

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Lee has a good point. We are a family of short people so I picked regular height over comfort height for all toilets.

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Definitely check the height. "Standard", "comfort", and other terms have different meaning in different lines. My too tall Kohler is "comfort" height, but the Toto "comfort" height I'm looking at is an inch shorter, and it makes all the difference! Get a stool and some magazines to stack and see what works.

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Thanks so much for all the replies! I have decided to go with the Toto Drake based on all of your suggestions. I think the lower height is important as my kids are very small for their ages.

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We have the Toto Drake and it works well for kids. We had a builder grade toilet that they kept clogging up. More vegetables, I say!! I'd say it solved that problem about 98%.

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