Eggstra Help Needed

pezabelleApril 2, 2011

I so enjoy all of the beautiful decoration you all have posted here and hope that you can help me with my quest. I have about a dozen eggs to paint and am having a very, very hard time finding ideas that I might incorporate into patterns. I have posted the pictures of my finished eggs and what I am looking for is lacy, easy flowers (I haven't painted many flowers yet) that kind of thing.

I have spent hours on google and either I'm not using the write wording with my searches or there isn't much out there, and help will be gratefully appreciated.

Thank You,


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Marlene Kindred

Pezabelle....your eggs are GORGEOUS!! They are just so, so pretty.....I did a search on google for floral stencils and easy floral stencils and got quite a few designs. You could also try amish stencils as well. Please post another picture of your new eggs when you're finished with the new ones. You should sell your creations.

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Belle, beautiful eggs.
If you look at my Dining Room Table post, the embroidery on the tablerunner and placemats might give you some ideas.


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They are beautiful! I will look for mine tomorrow and see if they might help. Mine are painted on wood eggs, not the true

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I just watched yesterday's Martha Stewart, and she has an app for iphones and ipads that has 101 ideas for decorating eggs. I would bet she has lots of ideas on her website. Good luck, and be sure to show us your new creations!

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Belle, so glad you posted your beautiful eggs and basket here. You do such a wonderful job painting. Hope you come up with some more ideas for your eggs soon.


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Your painted eggs are wonderful. I'm so glad you posted here and shared them with us.
Did you try typing handpainted Easter eggs on google, then click on images? That's how I usually find a lot of photos of stuff I'm looking for.

hugs, Karen

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