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gardenlover25May 22, 2009

More often than not cleaning the house is always done by housewives. But for my experience I was a lucky because my husband and I taught our children to help in cleaning their clutters. Each of them has its own task to clean. My older son was assigned in cleaning the garage area. My daughter is assigned in the kitchen and even my youngest kid can help keep her toy in the toy box. And I took charge of the major cleaning responsibility. Thanks.

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And when your your children are out on their own, they will appreciate these lessons. And down the road, your son's wife and your daughter's husband will thank you for your efforts.

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My house is a split level-there are three "floors". tho it is really a smallish home. My two daughters and I try to take one floor each when doing decluttering and/or cleaning. We make it a "contest" to see who does the fastest and neatest job. My favorite level is the top, it's just one bedroom (mine) and one bathroom.

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I've been teaching my daughter to clean up after herself since she was 2. Now, at 3½ she'll stand back and proclaim, "We need to clean up our mess".

I learned the key with my DD is to be clear on where the final location of the item goes. Telling a little kid "take all this stuff to your room" results in dumping the things just inside the bedroom door. Telling the kid to "put these things in the toybox, and put this on your bookshelf" gives clear instruction and teaches them to put things away...ALL THE WAY.

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Its really rewarding when we see our child looks up to us, especially when they apply what we taught them. Even young children can follow instructions too because their ability to grasp knowledge and ideas that had thought them is twice faster than the usual 6 year old kid.


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I think the biggest benefit is not a just a cleaner house, but children who grow up knowing that they have a responsibility to contribute. So many seem to think that the world revovles around them and owes them all their hearts desire.

Those who don't contribute, don't appreciate those who do.

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Hello everyone,

Seeing your house clean and organize is a great feeling and knowing that your child had learned their responsibilities at home is the most important thing. Teaching your child on house hold chores is an achievement especially if you see them doing the right thing. It would be their benefit in the future.

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