Electrolux Icon Induction 36" Cooktop - do you have it?

ctychickApril 21, 2014

From the pictures on the Electrolux website, it appears that there is a stainless frame around the edge of the unit and it looks like it sits noticably high off the countertop. Is this the case? I'm also looking at GE's Monogram counterpart and it seems to be set almost flush with the countertop. I'm leaning toward the Electrolux for a number of reasons, but the raised edge might be a deal breaker for me. I see it as a dirt and crumb trap and not sleek. Can anyone clarify? Thanks!

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I have the Kenmore clone of the 2007 Electrolux Icon. It sit on the surface, with a height that I would estimate as about 1/2 inch (ca. 1.3 cm). It uses this space for cooling air flow. It may as a result be less sensitive to the temperature rise of the cabinet air below it.

I think if I were to flood the counter surface with liquid, then there would be some likelihood that liquid would leak under the edge into the cabinet space below, just as it would for any top mounted surface that isn't inset and sealed. I haven't had any flooding happen to me yet, though, and DW's experience seems similar due to lack of signs of spillage in the wire rack area below that holds pans. I can see upon close inspection that there are a few grains of salt sitting next to the edges that need to be cleaned. Otherwise, because the surface remains cool, there is no encrustation of glop.

My version of this cooktop has metal strips at the near and far side, and not on the sides. The 2007 Electrolux Icon also had a strip between the controls and hobs, and I avoided this to me undesirable feature by buying the Kenmore. I haven't looked at more recent Electrolux induction cooktops, or for that matter Kenmore cooktops, so I don't know what differences have occurred.


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Thanks, kaseki. I'm guessing that the model has changed slightly over the past 7 years (?), but your comments seem relevant regardless. Good to know. The GE Monogram appears to have a more seamless integration, so they must be accomodating for the cool air flow in another way.

For reference, I attached a closeup photo of the GE Monogram's edge.

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Some units pull cooling air from underneath and return it to the same cabinet cavity. My unit has a fan on the base, and returns some air to underneath, but also moves air in and out of the small gaps at the edges.


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