New Dyson DC18

oceannaMay 8, 2008

I purchased a Dyson DC18 vacuum a few days ago and I LOVE it!

The controls are all easy to use. The wand/hose/attachment thing is very easy to use. The attachment tools are onboard and don't fall off.

You never have to replace a belt -- woohoo!!

I like that you can see if the beater bar is turning or not, or if it needs to be de-haired. The cover is clear. The beater bar comes out easily in two parts and goes back in easily. When I went to cut the hair off it, I was delighted that there are grooves that allow you to easily slide a sharp knife or pointy scissors under the hair to cut it for easy removal. What a great idea!

The size is great. It's a smaller model for Dyson, but still with very close to the same amount of cord, cup size, and power as the bigger models. I love that it takes up a lot less room in my closet than my Kirby did. It weighs about 16 lbs, so it's easy to pick up and carry. My Kirby weighs almost 25 lbs.

I love the ball it rolls on. It makes this vacuum very manuverable. It isn't self propelled, but it's about like my self propelled machine was to use. Not a problem at all to push it around, and I have ruptured disks in my back.

The low profile allows me to vacuum under a lot of low furniture where I couldn't go with my old machine.

You never have to buy or change a bag! YAY! I have animals, including parrots who toss food bits all over the floor. My old vacuum stinks! Things sit in the bag too long. Then I turn it on and the stink punishes me for vacuuming. With this, whatever you vacuum up is disposed of quickly. Besides, I like the clear chamber. There is a load of instant gratification in seeing the ick you've extracted from your floors and carpets. Emptying this chamber over the trash is less mess than changing a bag, which often left some additional dust to be re-vacuumed up from my other machines. Sometimes I have to pull the fuzz out, and sometimes it just drops out. No biggie.

With a push of a button it changes from floors (beater bar off) to carpets (beater bar on) without missing a beat. Things do not run away from it on hard floors even if you leave the beater bar on, because the suction is so strong.

I saved the best for last. The best thing is that it gets my carpets and floors much cleaner than any vacuum I've ever used before.

I wish I'd bought this sooner and I wish all my other machines in this house performed their jobs as well as this one does!

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Oceanna - you'll probably get a lot of flak, but I'm with you, I just love, love, love mine!

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Thanks, Wiredgirl. How long have you had yours?

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About a year. I had a Kenmore prior to that and was getting increasingly disappointed with the suction. It just got worse and worse. So far, no suction loss on my Dyson and the stuff it vacuums up continues to amaze me. I just did my daughters apartment after she moved out and it looked alot better than when she moved in. The landlord asked who we had come in and shampoo! My sister swears by her Kirby, but I am an attachment person and by the time I get that thing basically rebuilt to get the attachment thing on I'm ready to scream. And it does no better than the Dyson at over double the cost. My girlfriends all have them now after borrowing mine and we are lifers.

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I got this vacuum back in November and absolutely love it. I feel the same way you do, it does a fabulous job and is so easy to use. I love the fact that it is so light that I can carry it easily up and down the stairs, yet it works better than any other vacuum I have owned. I also really love the fact that the hose is long enough to vacuum all my stairs while it sits at the bottom, no more carrying the vacuum up the stairs after vacuuming half the staircase so I can reach the top half. I was initially afraid to spend so much money on a vacuum, but it is definitly worth every penny.


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There is a load of instant gratification in seeing the ick you've extracted from your floors and carpets.

The clear canister is marketing genius, IMO. I don't know how many times I walked into my husband's office to show him the canister before I emptied it.

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I have the DC07 low reach and the low reach tool is a joke. I do love the vacuum though.
But I want the new smaller ball vacuum. I can't get the DC07 under our extra tall bed and with my allergies that is a problem. So I wonder if the new smaller ball one would reach under there.
I guess an allernative would be to get a cheap vacuum just for under the bed.
I love my Dyson :)

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I'm jealous - have one of the first year Animal models, and while it's the best vacuum I've ever owned, I've definately got my eye on The Balls when we're ready to upgrade :)

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I'm with you. I absolutely love mine. I've had it for about 1 1/2 years and have no complaints.

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I love mine. Vacuming used to be my most unfavorable job. Now I get all giddy to see how much dirt, cat hair and dust I can collect this trip around. It always amazes me that I didn't see all that.

When I first got it,and didn't read the instructions, I would get all mad trying to open this, pull that. And then instead of forcing it, I realized how everything just unclips, slides, button for this and that. The only thing that bothers me, is sometimes I go too far with the wand and the vacume topples over, usually on me.

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