Toto Washlet vs. cheaper alternative brands

lee676April 23, 2010

When people on this forum (and elsewhere) mention integrated bidets, they usually use the term "washlet" generically to distinguish this type from the more traditional European-style bidets that are a separate plumbing fixture, rather than being built into the toilet or toilet seat. "Washlet" is actually a Toto trademark though, and other companies make similar products that get little mention here.

Has anyone had a chance to install or use different brands, and if so, how do the less expensive bidets from, say, UCI compare to Toto's offerings? For that matter, how do Washlet-type bidets compare, for cleanliness and convenience of use, to separate-fixture bidets for those that have used both?

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I have the COCO 6035R and it is wonderful. It does everything the TOTO 300 series does and it cost me about $150 less. The warranty is 3 years. I would highly recommend their product. It also has an inline water filter so the spray won't get clogged by hard water. Not sure if TOTO even has that feature.

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I've been trying to decide which brand bidet seat to purchase for our new home. There are many websites with reviews of the different brands and the manufacturer websites usually have close-ups of the control panel. I've seen several websites with reviews that include "top bidet seats of the year."

After using bidet seats in hotels and homes in Japan, I'm absolutely sold on getting one (or more) for our new home. I would much prefer the features and versatility of the bidet seat to having to move from toilet to separate bidet. A separate bidet also takes up a lot more room in the WC. Plus I like the heated seat and dryer functions of a washlet or bidet seat.

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I've had a brondell swash 800 model for several years now and love it. Having tried a few other brands while traveling, I have to say that the the swash has all the bells and whistles that some of the higher end brands (Toto / Kohler) have, but at a much lower price. My husband shopped around before buying and all the reviews he read were very positive about the company and products.

Hope this helps and regardless of what brand you get - you definitely should get one of these seats!!!

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Glad to hear that there are other brands than just the Toto to consider! I think that the Coco one actually looks 'prettier' than the S300, for what that's worth...

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Terry Love

The Bidobidet has a two year warranty, and seem to hold up very well. I've been using them for ten years now.
I like the BB-800 and the BB-1000

The 800 has the controls on the side, while the 1000 uses a remote that can be mounted on the wall or cabinet to put it more at eye level, it uses double A batteries

Here is a link that might be useful: BioBidet 1000

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Terry, I would love to find a less expensive alternate to my S300 but at the same time, don't want to sacrifice ANY of the features/quality of the S300 for price. Have you eve used the S300? Anyone's opinion you trust that have used both? And hey, if there's one out there that's BETTER (and less spendy) than Toto, I'd even consider that one (g)

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I too am looking for opinions on the washlets. I am remodeling my master bath and need to decide between a standard bidet or a washlet. If the washlet is the choice then, I will have to pick that too. This conversation has been very informative. I have not priced the washlets, but the prices for the faucets on the bidets alone probably make the washlets more economical. Thoughts?

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I am also in the market for a "washlet" and would like to hear more about the different ones that are available. Has anyone used more than one brand and can give a personal comparison? Are there any ones out there that are not recommended?

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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We have a Toto washlet and the "instant" water heating feature.

As compared to the traditional Euro style bidet, there is a big difference in using the two fixtures.

The Euro bidet has a hot water line running to it, along with a cold water line. You adjust the temp as you would when washing your hands at a sink. The supply of warm water is limited only by the capacity of your water heater.

The washlet-type warm water wash does not last a very long time, but it is usually adequate. You can feel it as the warm water diminishes, and choose to continue with cooler water or not.

It is a convenience to have the washlet=type in our bathroom, because we do not have space for two fixtures. It serves the purpose of cleanliness without adding to the cleaning chores of the house.

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Which Toto Washlet do you have? I have a S300 and I have used warm water without every running out. It is an instant heater so the water is always being heated. I have been on the washlet for more than 5minutes with continuous hot water.

I have no experience with the other brands of washlets.

Good luck!

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My instant hot water, if ran for a long time, will get slightly cooler and then warmer again. Never cold or cool but it does fluctuate a bit if ran for a few minutes.

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Anyone else able to comment on comparing the competitors features to the Toto S300?

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After using my COCO for several months now, I can say it works wonderful. I believe it has all the features of the TOTO and I like the look and price better. I would recommend pulling up both and comparing if you have questions as I have never used the TOTO personally.

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Has anyone used or have the Kohler C3-200 toilet seat with bidet functionality?

I'm comparing it to the Toto S400, the Kohler doesn't have auto flush or auto seat open/close, (don't care about the open, but the CLOSE and auto-flush would be nice for DH) but it does have the Light and User Presets. Choices, choices...

Why can't I have it all?

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My toilet room has an outlet on the wall to the right of the toilet as you are facing it, and the Toto cords all come from the left - so a Toto will not work without an extension cord or rewiring. Can anyone point me to another brand they like that has the cord coming out of the right? Thanks! (Our toilet is a Toto non-elongated bowl if that matters.)

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I just saw a video on a model that has cords from the right, I believe it was the Bio Bidet 1000. It could have been mentioned on the video, linked below

Here is a link that might be useful: bio bidet

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Don't mean to offend or embarrass anyone, but a valid point of discussion might also be the ability of the wand on the various products to spray a female's front side.

Often times users report that they really have to scrunch back on the seat towards the tank in order for the spray to reach their front side.

Delicately (but hygienically),

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WAIT, jillalameda, I was wrong, it's a different video.

About 2 minutes into the video it discusses the cords being on the right side of the unit and even mentions that most other models have them on the left.

It's a Swash 800

Here is a link that might be useful: Cords on Right Side Video

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Actually, at this moment, we are especially up-to-date on the question of the topic line. We are remodeling our powder room (the bathroom that guests in our home use), and one of the primary reasons is to make it adaptable to a washlet-style seat.

My spouse's sister and her husband have had Toto Washlets in both their upstairs and downstairs bathrooms in their home in Kamakura since the early 1980s, and we perforce use those appliances every year when we visit them and stay in their home; our home in the United States has seemed deficient without one.

Last month, before our annual visit to Japan, I looked into the options, and one (very slightly, at its feature level) cheaper attractive on the North American market is the INAX Clessence. I admit that, in all my years spent in Japan, the brand INAX had not registered on my consciousness until last month. That changed in a hurry.

After deplaning at Narita International Airport, I used the restroom in the Customs area while awaiting the arrival of our bags. All INAX fixtures. The next day, we met friends at Ginza 4-chome to see the art exhibition in Wako Department Store, and, looking down Ginza Doori, I saw a large INAX logo atop a building on the other side of Yurakucho. When I commented on it, our friends responded that the INAX Showroom and Gallery had become a favorite meeting place in central Tokyo, so we went there after Wako. Six floors, including one floor devoted to a gallery. Very hgh-end plumbing fixtures, including complete toilets, tile bathtubs, vessel sinks, high-end plumbing fixtures for both kitchen and bath. Everything was very elegant and understated, in the manner of the Dornbracht fixtures sold in the United States.

When we mentioned INAX to our sister and her husband that evening, their comment was that INAX was absolutely top-rate --- if you can afford it. In Japan, INAX "advanced toilet seats" sell for a premium above the price of similarly spec'ed Toto Washlets. Very much the same kinds of comments, we found, were made unanimously by others, similar to comments about Miele appliances here.

We took a side excursion down north (in Japanese, any trip away from Tokyo is "down," even when the direction is north) to visit friends and relatives in Sapporo. In the brand new terminal at Haneda International Airport, all of the fixtures were INAX. At Chitose Airport, all of the fixtures were INAX. We stayed in the new (opened mid-2009) Mercure Hotel in Sapporo, and all of the fixtures in our room and all of the fixtures in the restroom off the main lobby were INAX.

Yes, we have used Inax "advanced toilet seats," in several locations, and in every respect they seem at least as well built as any Toto Washlet we have encountered, and they function flawlessly. For our part, we have decided that the "washlet" that goes into our remodeled powder room will not be a Toto Washlet but will be an INAX Clessence.

Here is a link that might be useful: History of the company that makes INAX

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