Caesar stone versus calacata marble.

lilloApril 30, 2013

Does anybody have any information about the Caesar stone. In the worst case scenario, if i can't find a good looking porcelain tile to match my white calacata marble . I might consider switching the white marble with this more greyish Caesar stone that has a little bit of a vein in it , to match the porcelain calacata tile ( sorry I don't have a sample to show you ) . I prefer the look and color of the real calacata , but I cannot compromise and put it next to a greyish porcelain tile( in the tub deck area ) . Your feedback ?

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We used this quartz from Cambria (similar to Caesar Stone) and it looks a lot like marble without the maintenance. We really like it.

Maybe you could post pics of your bathroom for us to see?

Here is a link that might be useful: countertops comparison

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This is a beautiful piece that you have there , the one that I have seen has a lot less veining in it. Unfortunately they didn't have a sample to give me . I am still pretty much attached to my real calacata marble . So I got a sample from the tile shop today , I hope that at night it wan ' t turn grey on me . I am also waiting for another store to get me a sample from their other store . I am including a picture of the samples that I got today .wish me luck .

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I have the caesarstone misty carerra on my island in the kitchen. I always dreamed of real calcutta marble but was afraid of the etching with the kids not cleaning up after themselves. Not a day goes by that I wish I had real marble, real stone, and someday I will change it out. That is why I went with the real statuary marble in my master redo. Love it. expensive but makes me happy. I am happy with the maintenance free caesarstone with the kids but would not like it in the bath. Your not cooking, chopping, drinking OJ or squeezing lemons on your tub surround. Stick with the calcutta that is in your heart or you will regret it. I would consider caesarstone in the boys bath redo, no worries or maintenance and they have nice colors but you won't be happy with substituting the caesarstone marble look for the real thing.

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Thank you soooo much Sofla for your encouragement . This is what I need to hear . Every day that goes by with the difficulty to match a floor and a shower tile with the calacatta marble ,makes me think that maybe I should switch to something else . Until now I didn't give up . How is your real marble doing ?, still in good shape ? What type of sealant did you use ? I heard that the most problematic area is the shower floor , because of the water that stays there. A marble retailer on Houzz said that marble contains a lot of iron , which causes the rust spots that come on the surface when it gets in contact with water . That is why we have to seal it. Do your dry your shower floor after using it ?

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