Whirlpool oven code E3 F2

madymo3dApril 19, 2012

Last night I turned the oven on to bake brownies. After about 30 minutes I check on the brownies and saw the broiler element is on and my oven thermometer is pegged hot (probably 600F+). I turn the oven off on the control panel and the broiler element stayed on. I cycle the breaker in my electric box and the oven comes back on full blast. It seems to be stuck in self clean mode. At some point code E3 F2 or E2 F3 came on. According to one web site, this is a code for oven temp too high.

My first instinct is to switch out the control panel circuit, which looks to be $200-300, which is borderline not worth it. The breaker is off now. If any electricity goes to it the self clean mode is on. I feel this is a very bad failure mode from a product design perspective. If anything should fail, and they always do, it should fail to turn on, not full blast with safety device disabled (door unlatched) and possibly starting something on fire. I could have gone to sleep or left the house thinking the oven is off meanwhile it's on full blast all night.

I did run the self clean recently, maybe 1 week ago and have used it once or twice since.

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Probably a relay on the board is stuck.

You might contact these folks: FixYourBoard.com for a quote. I sent my parents' Whirly oven board (which is NLA for replacement, or was at the time) a couple years ago. Excellent service. They offer a 2-year warranty after the repair.

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Thanks for the suggestion, it's a great place to start. Makes sense what's happening can be caused by a stuck relay.

I went to look at new ranges for research, boy did I get sticker shock. I thought I could find something in the $500 range, but anything that tickles my fancy is 800+ and I'm not looking for fancy options

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You don't mention how old your oven is Madymo3d, but an oven that is stuck on, is definitely a "Safety hazard". You could have turned off the oven, and assumed , like many folks would that it turned off, only to really be on a full blast, and for how long???? Hopefully some over temp devices would come on and shut it down, but I would not gamble on that.

A user that had a fridge that was out of warranty, and the ice maker caught fire, got a new icemaker installed free after she contacted the company about the danger of such an appliance, so I would at least call the manufacturer and let them know that you are going to report the incident to the appropriate parties (which you should) as your's is probably not the only oven to do that.

I had a Caldera cooktop that turned it's biggest burner on Full, (entirely on it's own), The cooktop managed to unlock itself, turn on the big burner to max---That thing was in the trash pile the next day, replaced by Electrolux Induction Cooktop---which we love!


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