Washing cotton curtains

marvelousmarvinMay 7, 2012

Has anybody else had any problems washing cotton curtains?

Any tricks or tips or what avoid as to how to wash cotton curtains or drapes?

I bought brand new Ikea white Merete 100% cotton curtains and washed them before I hemmed them to prevent shrinkage in the future.

I rented out my place a couple of years ago, and the tenant sneaked a cat in even though that was forbidden in the lease. There were all these cat hairs on the bottom of the curtains so I had to wash them. But, all the curtains shrank so much I can't re-use them anymore and Ikea doesn't sell those same curtains in that size anymore to replace them.

To avoid that scenario again, I thought it would be better if I washed these brand new curtains beforehand so they would shrink now vs shrinking later after I had hemmed the curtains But, washing these brand new curtains was a huge mistake.

When the sun shines through the curtains, you see all these splotchy yellow marks. I have no idea what caused this, if the metal in the grommet rings somehow caused all this or if it was something else?

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Did the care instructions indicate they were washable? It seems if the metal rings were the cause, the splotchy yellow marks would especially show up around the grommots. Several people on the Home Decorating forum have Ikea curtains. You might try posting over there if you don't get your answer here.

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Yes, it said you could wash them and put them in the dryer too.

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Circus Peanut

Take 'em back to IKEA in that case? Seems that should be covered under warranty if it states they're washable cotton.

One tip for the future: Synthrapol is a great liquid soap that you can use in any situation where you are fearful of colors bleeding -- it keeps any dissolved dye in suspension so that it doesn't stain the rest of the fabric while you wash the item.

Sounds like some kind of fabulous Leninist city, I know, but you can pick up a bottle at any art supply store. :-)

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