Laundry in Bathroom

ozzyblazeApril 27, 2010

I am redoing a Jack and Jill bathroom. There is a space to put a small washer and dryer that I currently have stacked elsewhere. Has anyone else done this? Is noise a problem with the BR between two bedrooms? Any help would be appreciated.

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If u routinely do laundry after dinner time, I wouldn't.

U will need new plumbing and perhaps a new 220v outlet or gas line.

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I would only put it in the bathroom if there is a limited space in the house. A Bathroom is there for a specific reason, why make it duel purpose?

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It's actually a second laundry. We currently have a full laundry room on the main floor and a stackable laundry in our hallway outside two of the bedrooms. The venting hose runs quite a distance to vent outside. It's never been a problem, but I worry about it being a possible hazzard. We are remodeling the bathroom between the two bedrooms and there is a space for it that will not interfere with the bathroom. It would vent directly outside. My main concern is noise in the bedrooms. The laundry is used for small loads, several times a week. They are usually done in the evening. Has anyone ever had a laundry in their bathroom?

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Our laundry was relocated to a smaller upstairs 4th bedroom that a previous owner converted to a bathroom & laundry combination. While I love that we have 2nd floor laundry and a second bath which was really needed, I completely hate having the laundry room in the bathroom. So much so that I've already got the plans laid out to split the room up and make it two separate areas.

It's not about the noise for us. I just don't think the laundry belongs in a bathroom for a number of reasons, but noise isn't one of them. It's more about aesthetics, correct usage of space and so on. One consideration also is moisture, if you don't have great ventilation, I would be concerned about how well the machines would work or do with moisture from when people shower.

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I saw a house (in building phase) recently that had the laundry room right next to the master bedroom. The contractor told me that he soundproofed the entire master bedroom (they had noisy neighbors too). I know nothing about building but it seemed the soundproofing was an extra thick drywall. The contractor didn't expect they would have a problem with noise--he also put the w/d on the wall opposite bedroom wall. Also, I don't know if newer machines are now made to be much quieter.

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Having the laundry in the bathroom is very common in Europe.

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"Having the laundry in the bathroom is very common in Europe"

Yeah but they don't have as much room as compared to us Yanks.

In Asia, washer/dryer combo machines are popular, ur guess is right.

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I hadn't thought of the moisture problem affecting the machines. The washer and dryer are about 5 years old--but the smaller stackable versions. Right now they are in a hall closet and there is no where to work with the laundry. They will most likely be used for small loads of towels.
Watching House Hunters International on HGTV, I've actually seen a lot of laundries in the KITCHENS overseas. I don't know if I could deal with that!

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i think having an xtra washer and dryer in the bathroom would be VERY convenient! might encourage kids to help out more with the laundry too! but, only if you had the space and didn't give up too much aesthetic-ly.

was in a philly museum a few years ago where they had a model of an early levittown kitchen...washer was right there, so years ago-when houses were small and dryers weren't around, i think washers in kitchens were very common and very modern!

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When I was a kid and our parents bought their California ranch home in 63, it had the washer and dryer in the kitchen. It was later moved to the garage by my parents. I think it's more common to have them in the kitchen then the bathroom. I simply hate ours being there. (I know..I said that already! LOL)

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I'm in the minority. Right now we have our only laundry in the only bathroom, and we love it. Granted one of the reasons is due to cloth diapers and small children, but even before we had kids, we like it. We use the tops as extra counter space and we prefer large dual purpose rooms to smaller single purpose ones. In our new build we plan to have the laundry on the first floor in the bathroom again, because we find it really convenient. To us the idea of having laundry in the kitchen or right next to the kitchen is ... really gross (?) for some reason. It's totally arbitrary and personal, and I completely understand those who would think laundry in the bathroom is weird, gross, unsanitary(?), depressing, whatever. But, I just wanted to note that we like it. A lot. Enough to do it again.

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I'm waiting to see the design that the designer comes up with. He did a beautiful job on my kitchen and if he didn't think the laundry was a feasible and workable possibility, he would let me know. I'll let everyone know what we decide and post pictures of the design when I have it. Keep in mind this is a secondary laundry for small loads and not the primary laundry.

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As the mother of daughters, the idea of a small laundry right there by all those dirty towels and t-shirts is a wonderful idea. As far as noise goes, unless you are starting the wash at bedtime, it shouldn't be a problem. One thing to stipulate in the contract is that the builder takes care of the potential of water hammer problems by anchoring the pipes.

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We put our (only) laundry in our boys' bathroom on the bedroom level. It was really the only place for it to go in order to have the laundry on that floor (I wasn't giving up any master closet space!).

If I had more space, I would have likely gone with a separate room, but only for the ability to have hampers and folding space more conveniently available.

Aside from that, I'm really happy with my choice and the room is bright and cheery and easy to clean (all tile floors and walls). I have not noticed any moisture issue, and haven't turned on the bathroom fan.

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We also have our ONLY laundry in our ONLY MAIN FLOOR washroom!!

We own an old farmhouse and as long as there has been indoor laundry that is where it has been - no issues with venting (we also don't have a vent/fan in this room), noise etc. My complaints have been more so with the laundry being off the kitchen then in the bathroom!

We find it really convenient, we are always in and out of the room so laundry doesn't get 'forgotten' in a laundry room we don't walk by (basement)

Our plan is to put in a second floor bathroom and in it will be our laundry.

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Is this a top-load or front-load washer? The front-loaders are *much* quieter, particularly if your small washer is manufactuered by Whirlpool (may be Kenmore- or GE-branded), and wouldn't be very audible in the bedroom except for the last few minutes during the final spin cycle.

Worth noting that there are some stackable dryers available that do not need outdoor venting, if you'd consider replacing it, although I prefer to use vented dryers if possible.

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