Cleaning Ceramic or Porcelain Tile Grout

StonexpertMay 14, 2011

Dishwasher detergent is concentrated and a good degreaser (alkaline ph) to clean tile grout. The best dishwasher detergents to use are the granular capsules which you cut open and empty into a small container. Make sure to saturate the grout with hot hot water first then apply the detergent with a firm toothbrush scrubbing along the grout. For heavy oily grime "Easy Off" oven cleaner will remove quite well. I sometimes use extra strength cleaning vinegar or a mild phosphoric acid in combination with alkaline degreasers to get all the stains out. Be careful combining other chemicals like ammonia and bleach as the mixtures can be lethal. Also be careful when working with strong alkalines and acids especially at face level. (rubber gloves and an eye goggles are essential) Using a latex paint with an "acrylic paint reducer" will renew what cannot be removed by cleaning. This is basic information but a good intro into the complex world of stone, tile, and grout care without the specialized chemicals. I have field tested every professional tile and stonecare product available and will advise that proper technique and basic household cleaners can achieve "as good as" results at a fraction of the cost without the dangers. Caution: acids and strong alkalines will etch marble,sandstone,travertine and limestone surfaces with the exception of Granites. Hope this helps!

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I use a bit of clorox gel pen and a toothbrush....I can put the gel right where I want it.
Linda C

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Thanks for the information regarding grout cleaning.

I have a lot more tile/grout to clean and would appreciate you sharing the name/brand of the dishwasher granular capsules that works the best.

Thank you,


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Electrasol Finish Quantum Powerballs (or) Cascade All-In-One Packs for the initial scrub cleaning. Hair strength hydrogen peroxide after all else fails, but only on the grout, and use gloves and eye protection.

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I bought some EdFred shower cleaner after seeing a video which was linked on a similar thread. It did the job on the shower and I also had read that it cleaned grout. I put it directly on the grout lines, used a small brush to brush it in, wiped up with a towel and when it dried the grout was like new. It's biodegradable (but I still wore vinyl gloves). No effort at all to clean up miserable-looking grout lines in our kitchen in front of the sink and cooktop. Worth every penny (shipping was more than the 16 oz. bottle). I'll be using it from now on.

Here is a link that might be useful: Easily cleans grout

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Glad you wore gloves and please always do. Biodegradable does not mean harmless or safe to use. All this means is that eventually these chemical compounds will break down and will not "destroy" or have an adverse affect on nature. When using Biodegradable chemicals of any kind wear gloves and protect your skin and eyes and do not breathe in. Organic acids are considered Biodegradable and will still eat through your skin and bodily tissues in a second causing irreparable damage. I have been splashed here and there while working with these chemicals and believe me...they hurt!

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yes, the chlorox pen gel is nice to use as a cleaner for grout but some cautionary advice for other readers. Chlorox contains bleach (chlorine) and when mixed with common household chemicals which may contain ammonia (ammonium hydroxide) the resulting mix produces a violent reaction and lethal toxin known as.... "Mustard Gas". Always be extremely careful when using household cleaners for any other intended use around the home.

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I manufacture a broom on mop off tile and grout cleaner that is non-acid: non-corrosive: non-abrasive: antibacterial: food safe: septic safe and kills MRSA in 30 seconds.
It gained an innovation award in Australia and is available online
Each .450gm unit cleans 24sqm of grout and tile.
As it is also a multi purpose cleaner each unit delivers 225 Litres of geneal cleaning solution.
It is a concentrate powder so you can strenghten it as required.
Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pink Stuff Cleaning Solutions

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