URGENT: Getting rid of ducky smell from duck down quilt!!

cecss1981May 26, 2006

Please please I am desperate for some help. I just bought a luxurious 90% white duck down 10% duck feather Queen size quilt with 100% cotton cover just 2 weeks ago. It feels amazing BUT it stinks!!! Does anyone have any miracle tips that can help me get rid of the overwhelming stench of duck or at least reduce it?

So far I have aired it and it's still the same. Is there anything dry cleaners can do to minimize the smell? Or some sort of spray I can use or any other alternatives. Please please help me. I love the quilt and paid good money for it but the smell is killing me. I wake up in the morning smelling like duck...:(

Down with duck,

Desperate Duck Down Doona owner

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Sorry. No ideas. I had to return a pillow I bought b/c of the same thing. The down has to be cleaned beforehand; it's just poor quality control.

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There seems to be a lot of internet references to duck down being "gamy" as opposed to goose down. One site disagreed with and said no down should smell if the down was properly cleaned. Another reference stated that the amount of duck fat residue on the down is what causes the smell. Down from young ducks has more fat that down from older ducks.

I would suggest returning it as the best option and getting your money back. But if that isn't possible I'd wash it. Use cold water and a mild soap like Woolite or even a mild shampoo will work. You don't want to use regular detergent or a detergent with enzymes in it. There are also special down washing products. I rinse twice and dry for a long, long time on low with two new, clean tennis balls in the drier. You want to make sure the down is COMPLETELY dry or you will definitely have a wet bird smell. Do not use fabric softener, the feathers will lose loft.

Here is a link that might be useful: Washing your down.

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Many years ago I purchased a bed pillow and had the same problem. The clerk suggested putting it in the dryer on low with a scented fabric softener sheet. It worked.

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Thank you so much for all of your suggestions. Will try it on the pillows that came with the quilt first to see if it works as the quilt is way more precious to me:) I'll use each suggested method on diff pillows and see which works best:) Thanks guys! Will keep you guys updated! Oh p.s. I did call the retailer and apparently they don't do returns for bedding which is understandable...oh wells...wish me luck...and down with the duck!!


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I once bought a pair of down pillows that stank....but when I complained, I was told it was an odor associated with the cleaning of the down. The smell eventually went away...
Thanks for posting....I just learned soemthing....stick with goose down!
Linda C

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Hello! I'm eager to find out if you had any luck cecss1981. I have the same problem, and it is killing me! Got to get rid of the stink. Love the duvet though, same as you. Any update would be really helpful!

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hello i have bought 4 duck down pillows, [goodness what a smell] so i did all the airing,washing,drying on low heat, this went on for two weeks,They still smelled! well ladies i think i found the answer the entire room smelled so i was spraying no vac just to help tolerate the order and thought why not so i sprayed all pillows with the foam carpet sanitizer and deodorizer and placed a fan in front of all the pillows made several turns and kept spraying all day next day it was much better bought three more cans have done this for 4 days the smell is all but gone

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Return it, it may never smell good and then you won't get your money back.

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