jeanninepc99, any pictures of your finished bathroom?

kgsdApril 27, 2009

jeanninepc99, I've seen your earlier posts regarding your tile experience, and I'm interested in similar styles. Would you be willing to post pictures of your finished bathroom?

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I'm only just seeing this now! I'm so sorry.

First and foremost, I documented most of the remodel on my Flickr page and Mrs. Limestone also had a post about my bath on her blog.

Here are some of the "final" pictures. That's in quotes because I still haven't figured out what I'm doing with the shower...curtain or glass?

(to show the light fixture without the light on)

Tile: Carerra (sp?) marble subway, basketweave, chair rail, and baseboard, all purchased from an ebay seller

Paint: BM Quiet Moments on walls, SW Spare White on ceiling and doors

Sink, fixtures, & Toilet: Kohler Memoirs Stately
Tub: No change, builder grade

Chandelier: Ebay purchase

Light fixture: Bellacor, I don't remember the model

Towel ring, mirror, countertop accessories: Restoration Hardware's Dillon line (supposedly this line is being discontinued)

Let me know if I didn't cover anything!

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Oh, it's beautiful, jjeanninepc99. Do you have any shots showing the position of the chandelier relative to the bath area?

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I'm going to throw a few photos up here to see if they give you an idea. The chandelier is centered in the "dry" space. So it's not centered in the room, but it's centered if you take the tub area out of the equation.

I also saw these great candle covers online, but they were $20+ per pair. I decided to make my own. :)

During the install (in retrospect, I wish I had gone for four lights, but I had thought that would be too big):

With candle sleeves:

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I just realized that I didn't post the grout color. I used Latricrete Silver Shadow.

What a job it was to find it! While Lowes carries the sanded, they don't carry unsanded and wouldn't order it for me. No one in my small city (Charlottesville, VA) had it. I wound up driving to Richmond, VA (an hour, not a huge deal) for the grout. The place I went to was a huge place, mostly frequented by contractors. The guys convinced me that I only needed one container of the unsanded for my basketweave floors. I did the whole "are you sure?" thing about three times before I left.

The next day, my tile guy called me at work to say that there wasn't enough unsanded grout. This was all happening at the busiest time of my work year, so my awesome boyfriend wound up driving over to Richmond the next morning at 7 AM to pick up another container of the grout.

I love the silver shadow and am so glad I didn't settle for Delorian Grey, which was readily available.

Don't settle out of fatigue!

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Thanks so much for the extra photos. It looks great!

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I love the chandelier. Do you have tall ceilings?

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Hey, jeanninepc99, if you see this, I'd love to know where you got that charming oval dining table--your site gives sources for everything but that.

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Its so lovely! I like the design and color.

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Dink, nope. My ceilings are pretty standard - 8 or 9 feet high?

Writersblock, that table is from, of all places, Target! I think it was an attempt to knock off and adapt a Baker table (I posted pictures on that page, comparing the two).

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Thanks, jeanninepc99! You'd never know it was from Target.

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