Anyone have 3 stacked, kitchen appliances?

byrdladyApril 16, 2014

Builder is planning to stack Microwave, single oven and warming drawer all in a stack, in that order (GE Cafe). There is a cabinet above. I will be cooking low to the floor with the warming drawer. Anyone using 3 stacked appliances this way.... have any pictures? I am concerned.

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We have a steam oven, Advantium and warming drawer in a stack, in that order, with a cabinet above. No issues in five-plus years, in terms of usage. The top and bottom height is roughly (give or take 1") the same as our double ovens which are in the stack next to it. There's about a 3"-4" gap between each component.

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We had that set up for 27 years with our Thermador "option 3"
It served us well, although with the warming drawer that low, you may be less likely to use it as often as you might with it higher up.
This was ours just before we retired it last year, and went to a range instead...

LOL, I just noticed the wooden spoon to keep the oven door closed! I used that method for about the last six months of it's life because of a broken door spring :)

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I wouldn't like that arrangement. I will also never buy a combination microwave and oven again. The M/W's don't last. The ovens can go on a long, long time.

I warm plates in my oven most of the time, but then...I'm not a real 'cook'.

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Yes, my wife had just that setup, with microwave on top, Viking wall oven in middle, and Viking warming drawer below. Cabinet to the ceiling above the microwave. The microwave has a built-in kit to make it 30" like the others (the kit cost more than the micro itself, of course). All works fine, no complaints at all.

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attofarad -- How old is your setup? The M/W portion of mine had a $250 repair at age 12. I can't even replace a light bulb in the M/W without a repair call.

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A good friend has a double oven topped by a microwave. She's about 5'4". She just told me a few weeks ago that she's looking into having the M/W moved and redoing that portion of the cabinetry. It's just too tall for her to safely get food out of it. Your stack should be somewhat shorter than my friend's.

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I would try to move the warming drawer away from the stack. Two kitchens ago I had the 3-stack, and never used the warming drawer on the bottom. It was just too low. It's easiest for the builder of course to stick 3 appliances in a stack. But an ideal location for the warming drawer is directly under the counter. Now that mine is there I use it all the time.

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