Do steam mop heads 'catch' on rougher textured tile?

maydlMay 2, 2008

New here, over from the Kitchens Forum.

Our kitchen remodel has just begun, and we will have a very large expanse of highly textured--somewhat rough, even--porcelain floor tile. All our other noncarpeted floors are tile as well. I've read such glowing reviews of steam mops here, and we're interested in the Bissell Steam Mop, but we're worried that the microfiber mop head will "catch" on the rough texture of the tile.

I would be grateful to hear from anyone on this Forum who has experience using these microfiber heads on rougher tile surfaces. Thanks!

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I have the Bissell mop and slate looking tile that is raised in spots (i.e. like real flagstone) in two rooms. It doesn't ever feel like it's catching to me, works beautifully! But I do have to say, I loaned it to my friend, and after she used it on her floors it really ripped up the cover a bit. I've read of other people having this happen as well. If you have the kind of tile that is rough to the touch vs. changing levels I can see how it could be difficult perhaps to push the steam-mop.

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Thanks, bestyears, for your response. After I read it, I tested an old 3M ScotchBrite microfiber dust cloth on my foot-square sample of backsplash tile, which is exactly the same as my future floor tile, only smaller. This dust cloth will "catch" on my hands if my skin is dry and rough, but there was no problem with catching on my tile sample. It seems that the tile is heavily textured, but not rough to the touch as I had thought. So maybe the Bissell Steam Mop will work out after all. Thanks again!

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oh terrific maydl. I LOVE my steam mop. I did the floors just yesterday, and even after months of using this little machine, I still marvel at it!

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I've noticed that it's a little more difficult on my porcelain tile floor, but the mop doesn't catch.

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Thanks, shelacious, for sharing your positive experience. If you're still reading this thread, why do you think using it on your porcelain tile floor is "a little more difficult"?

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