La's Totally Awesome

tjcrabApril 27, 2009

I use la's totally awesome on everything. My tub is old and it doesn't work real well for that but to each is own right. I have really old tile in my house like 30 years old probably and use it straight on the floor wait 15 minutes and every little stain or mark comes right off. It works really good for taking stains out of the kids clothes. It even took out blood stains.

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Hummmm, the SPAM filter must not be working!

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to set the record straight-this is not SPAM!

I was thrown off by the title of "La's Totally" but checked my bottle and that is how it is offically called. This product is sold at the Dollar Tree Stores for a $1.oo . First learned of it when I worked for a Hospice House. The contributor is correct cleans just about everything, including stains on car seats. It is sold in a spray bottle. I get the orange one. Now when I go to the store I pick up four or five bottles. Be careful on furniture. I have old kitchen chairs I lacqued myself and it did remove some of the laqure (sp?) I do my walls and ceiling all of the time with it plus painted cabinets. I recommend Awesome all of the time. Just setting the record straight NO SPAM Thanks Jacque

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Jacque, Thanks for setting the record straight. I know you are legit.

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