How to clean color bleed on new towels

mrs-mjtApril 19, 2009

I washed previously washed blue jeans (thought they were done bleeding) with dark brown towels that have small cream stripes in them. After removing them from the dryer, I saw that the blue bled onto the cream. Can you please help!

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mrs-mjt...RIT color dye company makes a color-bleed removal. I want to say it comes in a pink or purple colored box. I have used it before and it works really well.

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Thanks I'll check it out. Will it just remove the blue dye from the cream colored stripes?

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groomingal, What I meant to ask was will the dye just remove the blue jean bleed on the cream colored stripes or will it also change the color of the dark brown/tan stripes in the towels? I looked at a box of the dye at Wal-Mart and it sounded like it was to be used to remove color bleeds on whites ONLY so didn't know how it would impact the brown in the towels. Thanks!

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I think it will remove the blue from the cream stripe but also remove a tiny bit of the brown. But if the brown is intense and dark enough you won't even notice. Good luck-you have nothing to lose since the towels appear to be a "lost cause" if you're unhappy with them as they are. At worst, you will gain some very absorbent rags from this experiment.

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I would try soaking them in Oxyclean. Mix some powder in a tub with water and let them soak. It won't hurt your original color and might remove the new dye color. It's worth a try. I've done this with other dye stains. Good luck with yours.


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I used mine on cream color towels and it didn't bleach the cream color. But since your towels are brown try as Annie suggested and soak them in Oxyclean first- if that doesn't work try one towel in the RIT color remover.

Hope it works!

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Thanks for the tips! I'll try the Oxyclean.

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