blue star rnb vs rcs

liseebirdApril 7, 2012

Hi all,

I am trying to decide between the Blue Star 36" RNB and RCS. I'm leaning very hard toward the RCS because, though I'm into cooking, I can't see spending $1900 extra on the 22K BTU burners, especially since I can cook a great (if I may say so myself) holiday meal for 15 on my 48 year old Tappan range. I called BS and asked about differences (specifically about lower grade stainless on the RSC). They said there were absolutely no differences in quality of ss, or anything - said differences were no color choice, no BTU custom choice, lower over-all BTU's and different color oven interior. My dealer is pushing the RNB - told me the RCS has no convection (wrong) and the RNB interior was double baked on ceramic. Thoughts?

BTW, is there anyway to tell how many BTU's the flame on my Tappan puts out? There is nothing in the (48 year old - yes I still have it) manual that says. Thanks!

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Don't be too tough on your BS dealer, previous generation RCS ranges did not have convection ovens.

My guess on vintage Tappan range would be about 9k-12k btu burners.

Generally the cheaper range people are considering is the better value,and this is especially true here. The RCS with convection oven is a really really good value. You always need to pay that extra premium for more performance.

But there is a reason there are Dozens of RNB fanatics that post here every week and rarely an RCS owner raving about his range.

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I too am looking at the same question so I will follow your journey.

I also have a 45 yr old Caloric which works well( I really love the open burners with center and exterior flames) and when I tried to find out the BTUs ( they told me the info was not available, but estimated about 8000 so it looks as though the expert (deeageaux) knows what he is talking about

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