OT- Can I whine just a bit??

Marlene KindredApril 5, 2012

Hello all~

Sorry I've been missing-in-action lately, but my DH and I have been renovating our kitchen. I am feeling a bit bummed because this has been a long project, but one we are very pleased with. However, I managed to tear the ligament between my ring and middle finger on my left hand about a month ago and now I'm in a hand splint and maybe a cast to come if this doesn't work and since I'm left handed...well, you get the picture. And, I've been battling the gout for the past month in both feet. OMG....what has happened to me?? The real whiny part is that I have not been able to decorate for anything since February with my house looking as though a bomb exploded in it. I missed Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and now Easter. My Enablers-r-Us gene is very sad about that! LOL I am so happy that all of you folks have been posting your beautiful holiday and spring decor...you have helped me not dwell on the lack of decorations in my own house.

There....I feel better now. Thanks for allowing me to sniffle and whine a bit. We're almost finished with the kitchen and I will post some pictures when we're done so you can see what we've been up to.

Happy Easter and Spring Everyone!!

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Well, if your kitchen turns out anything like the bathroom re-model you just did before this, it will be well worth the 'non-decorating' gene domination!!! And I'm sure your kitchen is a dream come true! Can't wait to see pics! After our floors remodeling I have put off the kitchen countertops & maybe taking down one cabinet to open up even more ...so I know your feelings first hand! Later it will happen.

My decor has been lacking lately because of all this wonderful weather!...so I'm outside alot...but today is cleaning day for Easter weekend (inside, ugh)

I'm glad you 'whined' as you stated... cause losing any mobility is just the pits! Hope it heals for you & that you will be able to use your left hand more soon! Happy Easter, Marlene. Jeanne S.

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I'd say you have very good reason to whine a bit, Marlene. Never a good thing when we "hurt" and aren't able to do the things we'd like to be doing. Hope your hand heals quickly and the gout goes away soon. In the meantime, maybe you could use your need for recuperation as a way to just sit outdoors in the sunshine and enjoy the beauty of Spring. Will look forward to seeing your new reno of your kitchen. Hang in there. Luvs

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Marlene - I feel your pain...so by All Means Whine Away!!
Sorry to hear about your finger and hope it heals quickly for you. On an 'Up Note'...
when the healing is done, you'll be able to enjoy a beautiful kitchen and be so
happy and pround of your accomplishment! Yes...
...post pictures when it's done. I love seeing 'before & after' renos.
As far as not being able to join in all the holdiay
decorating ...I'm right there with you. You're right though, it's nice to
be able to enjoy all the wonderful decorating everyone is
doing here.
Take care...this too shall pass! lol


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Whine away!! This is such a great place to get support with all the caring people on this forum. It really does help to share what you are feeling and let off steam.

Looking forward to seeing your beautiful kitchen pix when you are done.

So sorry to hear about your torn ligament, I hope it heals quickly. Can you take something for your gout? I've heard it is incredibly painful.

Maybe just enjoy sitting down and reading a good book since you aren't able to decorate?? Especially if you could go outside on a nice day with a glass of cold tea or lemonade and just enjoy Mother Nature's decorating.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and a Happy Easter.

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Marlene Kindred

Thanks for the encouragement and for letting me whine. I get so frustrated sometimes when it seems like it's one thing after another and I can't seem to stop hurting and doing things that hurt me. I am a major klutz, so that doesn't help a lot either. Anyway, thanks again for the support! You ladies are great!

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Well, here's an award for ya then, Marlene...wear it w/pride! LOL! Hugs, Jeanne S.

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Marlene, I know you will be healing and doing everything you want to do soon. Hope you are taking it one day at a time and taking advantage of the time to rest and recharge your batteries. Marylee

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Good Grief...I think you should whine a LOT. One hand, two feet, not getting to decorate, and a "bombed out" house? Nothing like piling it all on at once! Spring isn't blooming at your house, its an avalanche!

I hope you can manage to enjoy Easter, and at least not be in a load of pain during it.

I know your new kitchen will be awesome and I can't wait to see the photos.
hugs, Karen

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Jest happy to see you post !!!

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Marlene, glad to hear the others were here for you when you needed a shoulder. Sorry I missed this post and wasn't here for support too.

I'm so excited to see your new kitchen. I loved your bath. With a torn ligament and gout in both feet it must be so tough knowing what you want/need to do.

Now I will go back and comment on your new post.


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