Where Do You Buy Neoblank, the Liebherr Fridge Cleaner?

rococogurlApril 16, 2011

I got tired of streaks on my Liebherr so I tried the tiny bottle of Neoblank cleaner that came with it. Does a super job. Perfect.

Except there doesn't seem to be anyone in America who sells it -- or at least it doesn't turn up on a search.

Liebherr doesn't seem to sell it either -- can their marketing be that lame?

Anyone know?

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The Dr Weigert Company of Germany owns the Neoblank brand and as you say it isn't sold under that name in North America. There could be various reasons for this, but one might be that they already have a licensee here for their products who use their own brand name.

You could try a little detective work and see if you can come up with a US maker's/supplier's name of a wide range of sanitation chemicals for the hospital decontamination and hospital food service use areas. The similar stainless steel surface cleaning product should be easy to spot, I saw one German quote of about 15 Euros for a one liter Neoblank spray bottle - EXPENSIVE!

Here is a link that might be useful: Brochure

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I think you can buy it direct from Liebherr 866-543-5666

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Thanks Trevor. I did a fairly thorough search for it, first on the Liebherr website. The only etailer I could find was in England -- I've emailed.

Likely a nuisance for you to ship/sell but I havent found any other product that works as well on my Liebherr fridge.

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I've found a Neoblank supplier called steelcleaner - they do postage for all over the world but their website is in GBP. Their website is: www.steelcleaner.info

Here is a link that might be useful: The neoblank supplier that i found

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Fugheddaboutit. Method stainless steel wipes, from the grocery store, work perfectly. There are way better things to ship from England.

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i tried the above suggested above but it does not seem to work anymore however ive found a different site that sells it called neoblankcleaner.com i tried wipes before and they work ok but neoblank is brilliant for getting rid of difficult marks etc .

Here is a link that might be useful: neoblank supplier

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You can call and order it as well from Liebherr Service: 1-866-543-2437. They have two sizes available.

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