toto dual cyclone or emax flushing system

sprtphntcApril 20, 2012

hi all,

i'm trying to finalize my toilet purchase and have narrowed it down to Ultramax II ms604114cefg-01 and the ms854114eg-01.

ultramax has the dual cyclone flush and the other has the emax. was wondering which flush system is best or are they both relatively the same. i do understand the difference in the systems, but question is, is one better than the other. if you prefer one over the other, please state why.

i know the d/c system is relatively new and emax is the gmax with using less confusing and annoying.. why can't they just do the best flush sysem for every toilet...too much to think about for a stupid toilet..ugh

criteria: clear bowl in one flush

no remants left behind

relatively quiet

strength in flush


ease of part replacement if necessary

if you have any other thoughts or "criteria" please add in if i forgot something.

both have sanagloss and are 1.28 gpf

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I've owned a Toto Ultramax, elongated G-Max with Sanagloss for 5 years. Never any problems. Added an Ultramax II a couple weeks ago, It has the same features with comfort height and has worked fine thus far and is noticably quieter.

Like the comfort height.

Toto builds quality products so I would not be concerned about longevity and parts should be available through any plumber.

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My parents have a Drake with the dual cyclone. I think it's a pretty slick concept and it works well.

They also have an Ultramax, and we have an Ultimate and a G-Max Drake, too.

Our Ultimate is the only one of the bunch I've had complaints about. It does its best when you flush and hold the lever down until the trap glugs as the last of the water goes out. If you aren't mindful and forget to do that, it clogs in a heartbeat.

The only differentiator I could come up with (beyond the flush system) is that the low profile one-piece toilets just don't have as much water head in the tank as the taller Drakes.

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thanks for your responses...
i did write to terry love and he preferred the ultramx II dual cyclone flush, but did not state why, although i asked. so not sure what's up with that..

fyi: terry love has his own plumbing

thanks again, probably going with ultramax II, but did not order yet..

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