My new wolf 30

jolb57April 1, 2013

I really have not cooked much on my new old style wolf stove but while making my oatmeal noticed how the flame is so steady. Meaning that even in low simmer setting it does not waver and glows a brighter blue. Very happy with this stove. I can't compare this stove to others however I'm loving this one.

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Cleanup takes a little time but the fact that cleanup is fairly easy due to separate grates at each burner nice used a couple disposable wipes. Nice!
Made breakfast for dinner last nite potatoes nicely browned made some chili gravy very smooth. Again a happy camper once more

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A pic of outer ringay ultra low b4 it just goes to simmer burner only

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I've also had my new old-style AG for about 6 weeks and am also very happy with it. I'm so glad we decided to get one of these before they were replaced by the newer model AG with the sealer burners. If you are in the market for a range and are vacillating, see if you can still find one of these.

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I found the Martha Stewart timer at Macy's LOL

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