How to clean toilet ring wax from carpet?

kiana-2010April 20, 2011

During the remodel, contractors stepped in the wax from around the toilet ring (before toilet is re-installed)and tracked it all over my carpet. Any suggestions on how to remove wax from carpet?

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Use ice cubes to freeze and pick out what you are able to. Then take a brown paper bag put over the spots and use an iron on top, the paper bag should absorb the wax. Keep moving bag to a clean section until wax is gone. Try this in a place not easily seen before you try it everywhere!


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Be really, really careful with irons and carpeting, most are synthetics which melt easily. Make sure to use the recommended setting for your carpet's material.

I would also try a degreaser, denatured alcohol or mineral spirits. (Test an inconspicuous area of your carpet first for colorfastness.)

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shampooing is the best solution for cleaning wax from the carpet ..

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Be careful not to let the iron touch the carpet as it may scorch the fibers. If wax residue still remains, use a dab of dry-cleaning solvent and blot to remove. Be careful to use only a small amount so it does not damage the carpet backing.

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