Keeping the yellow tile, part 2

debrak_2008April 24, 2012

Well the floor is done. The tub was "painted". Walls and cabinet are painted, mirror, lights, toilet installed.

Some surprizes..... Its really warm in the bathroom now. Why? Several layers of vinyl flooring were ripped out and porcelain tile installed. Our central heating is forced air. There is a vent in the toe kick. It warms the tile. Its so warm infact that it seems we didn't need to install the radiant heat under the tile. Might need to almost completely close the vent.

Another surprize is how bright it is. It looks like a light is on all the time. Really surprized the paint color made such a difference.

Here is an odd one...The toilet came with a self closing lid/seat. Great I thought, no more slams. Well it closes kinda slow. Our family is in the habit of closing the lid before flushing so its kind of frustrating.

So here are some photos. It still not finished as there is no shower curtain, just a liner. No artwork, curtains, or decor.

Suggestions, comments?

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I love the yellow tile!! The grout is amazing and complimentary to the tile. Is the cabinet paint color staying?

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The cabinet just was painted. Went from green to SW earthen jug. I think I attached the link to "keeping the yellow tile part 2" Hope it works.

Here is a link that might be useful: keeping the yellow tile part 1

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Where did you get those lights?!!? Please? The bathroom looks fantastic!
I am glad it is warm!

Thanks, Nancy

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springroz, DH found those lights on line. We searched for hours! Give me a day or two to find the info on them and I will post it.

Today I'm trying to find a window and shower curtain. Its harder than I thought.

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Thanks!! I chose some in a hurry at Lowes that are OK, but I love yours! They are similar to what I chose, but with a straight shade, and I like that better.

I really appreciate it!

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Here is the info on the lights.

Progress Lighting P2801
Contemporary / Modern Single Light Bathroom Wall Sconce with Etched White
Oval Shaped Glass Shade from the Lynzie Collection
Polished Chrome
$41.22 each

I'm having such trouble finding window and shower curtains for this bathroom.

JCP has some I'm considering. I tried to post them but them don't show up.

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Thank you!! I will look at iit at HD, since my internet is LOUSY today! Good luck with the shower curtain. Everything is so frou-frou!! Finding one was hard for my hall bath, too.


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It looks great! I love the warmth. Spotted this shower curtain on Pottery Barn and thought of your bath. I have no idea what look you're going for, but the colors might work. They also have a couple more neutral ones.

Here is a link that might be useful: PB striped shower curtain

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