Ceramic Tile Cleaner

koala2April 7, 2010

Help! I have tried everything to keep my cream ceramic tiles clean and only a weak solution of bleach and warm water will do it. However after the floor has been cleaned I cannot walk on it without seeing lots of annoying footprints wherever I tread, even without shoes. I think the heat from my feet is doing it. This means I have to clean again, and again....

What can I do to stop this from happening?

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Household bleach will sterilize and disinfect, but it isn't a cleaner because it doesn't help in the soil removal. So in essence, you are cleaning with plain water and whatever cloth or mop you use.

I can't imagine what the footprints are caused by. It might just be something inherent in the tile. I've had bathroom tile that showed every footprint coming and going. You might want to consider putting down runners in the heavily traveled areas. And in the end you may have to just learn to ignore the spotting.

One thing I would suggest is to buy a steam cleaner to clean the floors. You would be using super heated water and a microfiber cloth, and it will do at least as good a job as your bleach and water solution without using the bleach.

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