Cloudiness on an Emerald Pearl Granite countertop.

shortchange_growApril 26, 2012

We had this countertop installed two weeks ago and in one section, there was a scratch. So, we had the installer come back to buff it out and re-seal it. It was cloudy.

So, we had him return and re-do the process. It was still cloudy. He told us that he needed to use a different "head" for his buffer. This Tuesday he returned, buffed it out, re-sealed it, re-polished it and told us to leave it untouched for 48 hours. Guess's still cloudy.

My husband is livid. I just wonder if it's something I can fix, or do we need the whole piece replaced which means lifting out the new cooktop which makes me crazy.

Any ideas out there?

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Did you ever polish it ?Once a year youre suppose to polish it.

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What is the counter made of?

If the installer cannot repair the scratch to look like rest of the counter, have them take it out and put in a new counter that is not scratched and looks the same.

Counter tops cost too much to settle for a flawed one from day one.

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