Help, someone waxed my Pergo! Must remove!

handmade1April 9, 2013

The previous owner of our new house proudly told me she waxed the floors (the PERGO floors). So, now I have embedded dog hair and dust at the end of every mop stroke she took. I tried steaming it up with my steam mop, and then I resorted to scraping some of it up with my Pampered Chef pan scraper. That was "fun" in a 4x4 bathroom, but I'm not looking forward to doing that in the entire family room./kitchen!!!! Help! Is there some way to remove the wax without damaging the Pergo finish????

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Go to a flooring store and ask them or call the company. I think they would be very knowledgeable about it.

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albert_135 has an 800 number and an email form for submitting questions.

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I would have thought that a steamer would have removed the wax, but that it would be a slow process. If that didn't work, next I would try mopping with a solution recommended by Pergo: 1 gallon of water with either 1 cup vinegar or ý cup of ammonia, maybe making it stronger. Ammonia is used to strip floors of wax, so this may work.

If that didn't do it, I would try the products Pergo recommends for taking off stains: denatured alcohol , acetone, or mineral spirits.

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