Shower curtain dilemma

eks6426April 9, 2013

I like the look of 2 panels for shower curtains like on a regular window. In looking up how that look is done, it looks like the liner and the decorative curtains go on the same hooks. This means that when the shower curtains are pulled closed to take a shower, the opening is in the middle of the tub.

See photos of the idea here:

Sounds fine to me, but hubby is concerned that we will get spray out of the center opening.

Has anyone does this? Does it work ok?

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What about getting a double rod and putting the liner on the inside one?

If they are both full size curtains, seems like you could just pull the one closest to the water source over most if the way, or all the way, to keep the seam away from the water spray.

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The liners are usually 54" if to correspond with standard width curtains.

I've been thinking about the double rods but I'm not sure I wanted the added bulk of a double rod, especially since we will likely do a curved rod....

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Since each side will be full width, just use one or the other pulled closed when you shower. No reason to close them both and there won't be any seam. Then you can have them on the same rod.

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