tip for uncluttering bathroom countertops

taragirlApril 29, 2008

A tip to keep a clear, uncluttered bathroom countertop:

Each person who uses the bathroom for AM and PM bathtime rituals should have a small basket containing everything they need (deodorant, lotion, make-up, toothpaste, etc). Store it in the cabinet under the sink or on a shelf. When you get ready in the morning or at bedtime, pull out your basket, put each item right back in after use, and put the whole basket back out of sight when you're done. Nothing touches the countertop but the basket!

Also good to keep stuff separate in bathrooms shared by siblings or spouses.

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My husband and I share a bath with our two teenage daughters. DH is good, he keeps his shaving and dental supplies on a shelf of the medicine cabinet. But the girls!!!- They leave all their stuff on the vanity, including hair straighteners,enough makeup and hair stuff to cover the face and hair of every girl from Long Island to Hawaii, out on the vanity. When I need to clean the vanity, I tape a note on the mirror warning them that everything will be thrown out on a certain day. Then I do a countdown, posting a note every day. And on the final day-I keep my promise. But your tip sounds good. I will buy them each a basket and explain its' use.

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What a SIMPLE and GREAT idea!! Thanks!!

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Just a variation on the old college dorm Johnny bucket. It works....but one of the joys of living at home is being able to spread out your clutter!...If you don't have to clean up THAT clutter!

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