used cooking grease

rabbit8April 29, 2009

how do you dispose of used cooking grease after frying foods?

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I put it into a used jar with a lid, put it into the refrig and toss it on trash day.
But In actuality, I think you would be safe in putting it outside on the ground, as it's organic and would bio degrade.....but I would be afraid I would attract every stray cat, possom and racoon for miles around.
Linda C

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Why not find out if someone is using biofuel. They convert cooking grease into fuel for automobiles. Find out if anyone recycles it. If you cannot find info, call the fast food restaurants and ask them what they do with theirs.

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How much do you have? If it's quite a bit, you might be able to get a local restaurant or bar to take it in their stuff. They might even appreciate it since many places get paid for it these days. Stealing used grease is a hot commodity these days. It has value. Course people will steal most anything.

Mine usually goes into a can and into the trash. If it's a little, into something absorbant and into the trash. I have dumped it outside before too. Suppose the tree huggers would be upset about it though.

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I do what cynic does. Into a can...into the trash, or if there's a lot of paper etc in the trash I'll just pour it in and it gets absorbed. My MIL used to save bacon grease and reuse it...I think that's gross. I just get rid of it. Seems like it would get rancid sitting around.

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I pitch it in the garbage in a can or some other container. My husband was frying bacon every day, and I didn't see any container of grease. Yup, down the drain!!! AACK!! At least it was from only a couple pieces, but c'mon.

I can remember when my mother, aunts, friends moms all had a 'set' of kitchen stuff, and a grease saver was always part of the set. It was canister shaped and had a piece that sat on top that had a lot of holes in it. This was to strain out any food particles. It had a lid, and my mom kept it in the fridge. That was what was used to fry pretty much anything. My gram used it to season green beans. She also used it to start kitchen fires! Three that I know that burned her hand when she carried the frying pan out the back door, one that scorched the cabinet above the stove, and the third that actually burned down her one br cottage.


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