Just Finished Bathroom Remodel (Thank You; Third Time's a Charm)

KevinMPApril 20, 2012

Two months ago, I began planning to remodel the only bathroom (110 square feet) in my house (c. 1826). There was a lot of fear and apprehension, and I often found myself looking for answers on this forum. You don't know how helpful you were, and to the extent I can be helpful to anyone, please let me know.

I'll try to post pictures, but I have no idea how to do it, so we'll see.

But here's what I ended up using:

Floor (9"x18" honed calacatta gold with dove gray TEC grout and Nuheat mat with Solo thermostat)

Vanity (it's made by Silkroad Exclusive and called Tenino on some websites; I got it on eb_ay for $900 delivered, removed the top and sinks, and hardware and replaced them with two Kohler Archer undermount sinks, 2 cm antique brown granite in a leathered finish, and cabinet hardware from Restoration Hardware)

Mirrors (they are from Lowes (I believe from the "Fanella" collection)

Lighting (five 40 W pot lights and 1 sconce (the Nolan single sconce with linen shade from Restoration Hardware)

Tub (Mirabelle Edenton 30"x60" acrylic thermal air bath (only sold at Ferguson, and has huge interior dimensions (bigger than most 34"x66" tubs I tried and cheaper (by half) and bigger inside than the 36"x60" Hydrosystems Lacey I was looking at))

Shower (same honed calacatta gold time and grout on the walls and niche, cheap but well matching 2"x2" square mosaic tiles from Home Depot in Grecian White (I had to pick through many boxes to get ones that matched, but it saved me $250 off of the calacatta gold), two Kohler body sprays (K-8002 (54 nozzles each), two Kohler volume controls (one for the shower head and one for the body sprays), the new Kohler Katalyst shower head, Oatey liner and drain)

Shower door and glass for knee wall (not in yet, but they will be Starphire glass)

Replaced the window with a 34"x53" 400 series casement window by Andersen with snap-in grille)

Jacuzzi Prestige toilet

Fixtures (with matching Kohler valves) (all Kohler Pinstripe Pure (two faucets, tub spout and wall-mount valves, shower head, thermostatic valve trim, volume control trim, and shower door handles)

Paint (all Benjamin Moore Aura Bath and Spa Paint (Matte); walls Mount Saint Anne (1565) and trim and ceiling White Dove (OC-17))




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Oh!! Just beautiful, beautiful! Big congratulations on a terrific job! I have a feeling your new bathroom will be the inspiration for other folks down the road. Your space is refined elegance and appears "just right" for your home. I love every detail. I hope you enjoy it to pieces!

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What a gorgeous room and an amazing transformation!

And your cat is just beautiful too... a Ragdoll?

Enjoy your new space!

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One; is that really the same bathroom? What a FABULOUS job!

Two; LOVE your granite--is that luscious or what? (marble tile is a stunner, too!)

Three; extra-love the kitty!!! He/she matches your lovely new bathroom very well!

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Beautiful -- love the wall color and the calacatta.

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Gorgeous! That stone is stellar...

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Yea photos! Looks really nice. Enjoy!

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Great job! I like seeing a photo of the Kohler pinstripe fixtures - they look so good! Is your vanity 60" wide? It's beautiful - exactly what I would buy if I could get it in a 54" width.

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beautiful new bathroom! love the vanity and counter top - that's gorgeous. and the room is a very good size!

I need mirrors like that - guess I'll look at Lowe's!

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Really pretty! Thanks for persevering and getting those pics posted. It is gorgeous.

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The vanity is 60", but the countertop is about 62" because I filled up that entire niche. I put the link to the manufacturer's web site below because they have many vanities under 60", including some that are less than 60". I spent forever trying to find a vanity that had all useable space. This one has six fully functional drawers and two fully functional cabinet door areas--a ton of space and no false doors/drawers.

The cat is a ragdoll. The dog is far less interested in the bathroom.

I highly recommend this granite, if you can find it. It's very hard to find in 2 cm, but easier to find in 3 cm. I found mine at a stone yard in Marlton, NJ (it was a remnant but big enough to get everything I needed out of it).

And do not buy your Kohler fixtures at Ferguson or any other store. I saved over $1K buying everything online.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vanity can be found here

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That's just fabulous, Kevin. Congratulations and applause from over here in the PNW.

Agreed about buying online..sad but true. I know some people like to take online prices and see if their local stores will match them but I don't feel comfortable doing that. I figure they have their prices and online has theirs and I don't like begging. Good onya for picking through the HD tile, too!

Question: Was your granite already leather-finished when you found the remnant? The tactile-obsessive in me just LOVES the leather finish. Do you find yourself just rubbing your hands over it? : )

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The granite already was leathered, which (besides the thickness) was why I had such a tough time finding it. There was a close second, but it only came in 3 cm and had a little too much white in it. (If I could talked myself out of all of the concerns I had with limestone, I would have used either lagos azul or a gray variety whose name escapes me.). No one would leather granite for me because they say you need special chemicals and hardware most, if not all, fabricators don't have. Believe me, I tried.

Any way, the texture is pretty incredible. I'm not sure I'd want it in a kitchen, but I love it in the bathroom. It almost feels like satin or velvet, and it doesn't show water drops or fingerprints. It also takes a stone like Antique Brown (also called Kohiba) and makes it subtle and slightly gray. Pretty awesome. I'll try to take some additional pictures to show the texture.

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Love your bathroom. Creative use of your space, and of course the granite looks really rich. I hadn't thought of leathered granite in a bathroom. Really distinctive. I would love to see more photos.

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Ah, so you decided you wanted the leather finish and then set about finding it in a remnant--and then found it?! Lucky you! Personally I like what you chose more than a lagos azul--it's got more life to it while still being restrained like a limestone. Perfect

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Debbi Branka

Very beautiful!

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Very beautiful! So glad to see your toilet is not white since mine is not and I am trying to look for a paint color that will look nice with it. You have beautiful taste! I love everything about your bathroom especially the paint color! Was the Mount Saint Anne (1565) paint on the wall mixed in the Aura paint? Gorgeous color!

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Yes, I got both colors in the new Aura spa/bath paint. That paint only comes in matte finish, supposedly, but it's still scrubbable. The toilet is white, however, but not a bright white. It's similar in color to the tub.

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I'd like to see photos of the rest of your house! Ours is 1890, and renovating our bath has really provided some challenges! Isn't it nice to be done? I am sick of all the construction in my hallway!

I'm with you about buying fixtures online... I found every single purchase online for far less than my local retail boutiques. Makes you wonder who is still paying full price.
You did a fantastic job... it's really beautiful. Congrats!

Here is a link that might be useful: 1890 Bath Renovation

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Yes it sure turned out perfect! Those Kohler sink faucets look terrific and I also love the leathered granite. Congratulations.

We have Aura paint also and it is wearing/showing well.

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Beautiful bathroom! I had Mount Saint Anne in my last bedroom; it's such a lovely color. Can I ask how you like the Prestige toilet? I'm looking at the same one for my bath update and have read mixed reviews at Lowes.com. Also, how large is your shower? Thanks.

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I love the toilet. The seat that comes with it is pretty lame (cheap plastic), and I've tried to replace it with an enameled wood seat, but the bolt configuration for the hinges is odd and difficult to work with, so I just stuck with it. Performance-wise, it works well. To me, it's the most attractive toilet for the price (I think I paid $195). Just know that it's not a normal install. There's a U-shaped bracket that screws into the floor and then you screw into the sides of that bracket from the left and right sides of the toilet base. Those holes on the toilet base are then plugged with chrome caps.

The shower is 5'x3' technically, but the actual interior space is 60"x32". It now has doors on it.

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The shower door handles are pretty. Did the glass company have those or did you provide them? If so, where? I don't want to use the 'standard' pulls that seem to be the default around here.

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The shower pull is from the same line as the rest of the plumbing fixtures: Kohler Pinstripe Pure. It was about $225 on Amazon, but worth the price because nothing else my glass place had would have matched well. As you may know from other posts, I was supposed to have starphire glass but when my glass company arrived and unpacakaged the door (which was labeled starphire), it was regular glass. I was pissed off but also tired of waiting, so I kept it. I'm getting used to it but should have waited for the clearer glass. Don't make my mistake if you have white tile.

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How do you like your rectangular undermount sinks? Any problem with splash?

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There's absolutely no problem with splashing water in the sinks (if you mean cause by the faucet). Kohler faucets (the more expensive ones, at least) basically have a solid laminar flow that goes straight down and doesn't splatter at all. I don't have gooseneck of high faucets, so perhaps that could create a different flow, but I doubt it.

The sinks I used (Kohler Archer) also don't have a flat bottom; it's kind of faceted.

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Kevin, when we built our house (going on 13 years), we used corian in the bathroom and I love the integrated sink of corian. So easy to clean that sink. But now we're thinking of a minor re-model with new mirrors, granite countertops, fixtures and of course the sinks will have to be replaced. Still trying to decide about replacing the flooring as we already have warm tiles and I like the flooring ok. The Archer sink is one I've looked at. We have Kohler faucets now and they are still perfect but I will replace just because it's wise to do so with something used as much as our MB fixtures. I'm still leary of ceramic sinks as I remember the days of old chipped ceramic. The thoughts make me shudder sometimes. I think that's one reason I keep putting off this project. I'll be back on here one day advice-seeking for real!

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Just spent the past several minutes reading your post and enjoying the pictures of your amazing bathroom remodeling project. I am in the planning stages of a master bath renovation and have jotted down several of your ideas and materials. Thank you! Wish you could come and do mine!

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