concrete on hardwood flooring-UGH!

missstaceyhApril 3, 2009

Well the good news for me is that this is only a rental that we are staying in while building our home BUT it is driving me crazy! Apparently when this condo was being built, the guys pouring the concrete walked in on the laminate wood floors with concrete on their boots. They ended up having to pay for the damages but the owner did not replace the floors. I originally thought it was adhesive from the floor but the owner said it is concrete. You can even see boot marks in one area. He said they've tried to get it up to no avail but he doesn't know about THIS site!!! Anyone have any suggestions for me?

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Strategically placed area rugs?

Seriously, I can't think of any product that might remove concrete that wouldn't damage the laminate. I guess I would try scraping it with a plastic scraper.

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Too funny! I've done both. No luck but I keep finding myself scraping anyway! Thanks for posting. :)

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OK- so now after talking to the lady next door, I'm thinking that a couple spots may be concrete but the rest are glue or adhesive they used to glue the floors down onto the concrete. Now any suggestions?

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If you think it's adhesive, try mineral spirits. I had hardwood glued down to my slab foundation and when the installers left, there were many spots of glue left behind that they had missed. The mineral spirits takes it right up without harming the pre-finished wood.

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