Showerhead Height - Quick Advice

motherof3inctApril 30, 2013

Yesterday my contractor asked me what height I wanted the fixed shower head to come out of the wall. Currently it is at 80" which works well for us. He recommended 7' (4" higher). He said that is the newer standard. My family is short (I am 5'1" and DH is 5'6"). I gave the go ahead to make the showerhead higher, but re-thinking my choice. I don't think it's too late to change. Am I making a mistake by keeping it low? He also recommended moving the tub valve trim 4" higher. That I think we will still do.

Funny, my contractor stood in the shower to demo the height for me. The 7' looked proportional for him....but he's like 6'3"!

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What are the shower dimensions? Is this a typical tub/shower combo setup? A lot depends on that. With that being said, we went with 7' in all our baths (2 have standard tub/shower combos & 1 is a standalone shower) and it works for us. DH & I are 5'4" & 5'8" tall, DS1 is 6'1" and still growing.

If you look, most everything in the bath is getting taller--vanities, toilets, tub height, so raising the shower head, controls and spout seems to make sense.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks mydreamhome - DH felt strongly about keeping it in its current position. I let him win on this one :)

I never knew an inch here and there could take so much thought! My next decision was how high to hang the medicine cabinets....

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I am doing my bath too and thinking about resale later on , so I went to 7 feet too especially that I am putting a rain can . It looks nicer higher . If you think that you will sell your house one day put it at a standard height .

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I think code is really low. I came home during my reno and made my contractor move it up to 86", and I love it.

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Hmmm.. mine is a 76" and I find it just fine. I'm 5'10".

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I think that's standard, code height (at least here anyway). The reason I think higher works better (I'm just under 6') is that you can stand further from the shower and still have the water hit your head. When it's 76", you have to basically walk up to it or under it. It's hard to describe without experiencing both.

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our fixed master shower head is at 86"... my hub is 6 3, so i wanted it higher... but, i love it at that ht too and i'm 5 9... i don't know, but i don't think the higher ht would 'detract' from the shower experience!

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I guess varying heights work for different people. I think i know what KevinMP is talking about when he says you need to walk into the spray. Our current shower heads are fixed and the spray does not extend out too far into the shower/tub. I see that as a positive thing for our family. I understand about resale value, but I doubt it would turn away potential buyers....but I have never looked at a house from a tall person's perspective.

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Put it where it works for you. If it doesn't work for someone in the future, it is easy enough to add a curved shower arm that changes the height of the head. It takes about a minute to change it out.

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