Where to put shower door...hmmmm

onelady1dog2girlsApril 8, 2012

Hello, everyone:

We have a 6.5 foot long by 42" shower. There are two shower heads on the long wall only. The showerheads are pretty much evenly spaced out. This shower is on the wall just as you walk in the bathroom.

They are getting ready to tile and then we will have our shower enclosure made. I had wanted to put a door on the long wall of the shower, at the end closest to the entrance to the bathroom, but that may be a design and code violation (water leaking out through door). Is that your understanding as well, or is there a seal or other that could make it work?

The other options would be: a) a slider door on the long shower glass wall or b) move the door to the "short" 42" wall instead.

There are pros/cons to each of course. The short wall door would enable a seemless piece of glass on the 6.5' wall...but would not allow a small storage cabinet with sliding doors that I had originally planned.

What do you suggest? Here are the options visually...

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Sophie Wheeler

You cannot have a door across from a shower head. If you wanted a door on the long wall, the heads should have been located on the short walls. You'll have to choose the short wall. And you may need the controls moved if you cannot reach them from that end. A shower should be designed so that you can open the door, turn on the shower and wait for it to get warm before you step into it and close the door.

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