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I've been reading and learning a lot on this forum. We are building our first home. Its a community where you choose the model of the home and the build it. The builders claim to be semi custom. I have gone to the design center plenty of times and did not like the kitchen at all even with the upgrades so we decided to remodel the kitchen from the start. I tried asking the realtor who is managing the sales if we are able to be credited for the cabinets and appliances that they're placing on the house since we're not going to be able to use it. I feel like its a waste that they're going to put these things up and to be tear down right away to build our dream kitchen. The realtor came back saying that the builder is not able to "delete" the cabinets and appliances ~ which doesn't make sense to me. I don't really now how to handle putting pressure on the builder asking to credit us for the kitchen stuff instead of having extra kitchen appliances.. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks so much in advance

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when we bought a spec house we were able to by the ugraded appliances as an increase you may want to see what they will charge you and then price them yourselves to see if there is a difference..lots of times it's cheaper to go on your own then thru the builder as their is no builder mark up. You'd have to dig more to see about the cabinets we were told they were already ordered at that time so we could not do much. good luck!

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Maybe instead of having them installed, you could have them put in the garage to sell later and put in what you want. But I am not sure what guarantee who will get from the builder. I assume you have signed the contract already, other than that , it should have been discussed before you did so. Just make sure anything you do now will not affect the builder's guarantee on the house. You may have to have a attorney review what the builder (not RE Agent) is doing and what you want to do.

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