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tspitzerApril 19, 2008


We got a new dishwasher in January and it does a good job cleaning the dishes but I have 2 problems with it that I am hoping you can help with

(1) I ran dishes in there a few weeks ago with some tomato sauce on the plates. It literally turned the interior of my dishwasher pink and I haven't been able to get rid of it.

(2) After it runs there is almost always an odor (wasn't there when it was brand new, but is there now). Its not a sewer odor, or a rotten odor, but more of hot plastic, and just doens't seem clean.

I have run it with vinegar, bleach, oxyclean, and lemonade mix (based on what I have read here and elsewhere). None of them have really significantly improved on either of these issues.

Any suggestions?



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You might try:

Here is a link that might be useful: Dishwasher Magic

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I'd call the store/manufacturer for sure. Neither staining nor hot plastic smell is normal--but I'm sure you know that. State in no uncertain terms that a hot plastic smell indicates it could be dangerous.

What "options" have you selected as far as heat cycles? Air dry? Raise water temp? Sanitize? Think I'd try a cycle with no extra heating whatsoever and see if it might be heater related. Who knows, might even be something broken and lodged near working parts (motor)causing overheating and smell.

If you haven't already done so, search/post on Appliance Fourm. Those people are really into appliances. Even some repair people who may be able to help. HTH, Sandy

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I have an old, old dishwasher that always has a smell of hot plastic when the dry heat cycle is on. It has worked fine for ten years otherwise. We never use the dry heat cycle.

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Do you have a garbage disposal? If so, make absolutely sure you run the disposal completely and rinse well before using the dishwasher. Also, pour a few kettles / pans of boiling water down the disposal. Do this regularly - that will probably get rid of the smell, providing there isn't a mfr defect. Make sure nothing is nothing lodged in the bottom of the dishwasher - like a plastic lid or utensil that could be burning.
No suggestions for the discoloration.

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what make is your dishwasher?

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What brand of electric dishwasher detergent do you use?` I like Cascade, and it does have bleaching properties. Takes the tea stains out of my cups and teapots. It could be your detergent is too weak with the stains.

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