fixing melted berber carpet!

elle481April 4, 2009

We are selling our home and have low pile berber carpet in one of the rooms. The previous owner used the room for quilting and had her iron and ironing board in there. I guess one day she dropped the HOT iron and melted the carpet. The carpet has a perfect impression of the iron in a very obvious spot. It never bothered me, as I use the room as my art studio and the area was covered so I wouldn't get paint on it. So now, no paint! but the melted spot is still there. The carpet has been steamed cleaned and that just made the melted area more obvious. I am tempted to try sandpaper but haven't as yet. Any thoughts?

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I have a melted spot too. but not that big. I asked a professional carpet cleaner what to do, the only thing he could suggest was cut out the area, then cut an identitically shaped piece from under a piece of furniture, and replace it.

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Yup, that's what I was afraid of. Oh, well. I'm just going to leave it. It wasn't a real issue with me when I bought the house because of what I use the room for. Hopefully, it won't be a major issue with the buyer.

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