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strayerdarbApril 12, 2013

I went on AJ Madisons and they list 5 types of 15" induction cooktops: Wolf with 2 zones, Meile Combiset with 1 zone, Kenton with 2 zones, a Gaggenau with 2 zones and a Gaggenau with "3600W zone (don't know what that means). I think 2 zones would be better than one. It will be installed next to my gas cooktop.

The Gaggenaus have knobs on the front of the cabinet which I don't like. The Kenyon looks kind of strange in the picture but I haven't seen it in person. The Meile looks nice but only 1 zone. That leaves the Wolf as the only one with 2 zones and the controls on the top.

Does anyone have experience with any other brands? I have only had the chance to go test out the Wolf one locally and it seemed fine to me, but that's the only one I've seen and used in person.

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I tried Wolf in 2009 and I hated it. It did not work well with larger pans. Perhaps, they have improved their technology since then.

There was a relatively recent discussion on this forum but I did not bookmark it. Just search. The topic of induction comes up here pretty often.

I tried Miele and liked it but, like you, I wanted 2 zones, so I got Gaggenau with controls in front (along with a matching gas 15" unit). I actually like having front controls b/c it gives more cooking surface but those units are more expensive to install than the ones with top controls.

I am not sure if I like the cooktop - especially for the price. I only cooked on it 3 times and I had to turn the power up all the way to bring water to boil. It *felt* like it took a long time, longer than on my cheap portable unit. When I gain access to the kitchen again (it is being tiled), I'll do a test-comparison.

About one zone vs. two. If I am using my large "everyday" skillet, the only thing that would fit the back burner is a small saucepan. I hardly ever use the two together, so - for all practical purposes - it is not much different than having one zone.

What else are you going to have in addition to a 15" induction unit? There are some nice AEG/Electrolux 24" units (I am forgetting the model name) that are almost as flexible as Thermador Freedom in terms of cookware placement. Looking back, I think I should have gotten one instead of Gaggenau.

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I would put it next to a 4 burner gas cooktop. We get power outages a lot so most people here have gas. I think a combination would be ideal. Maybe one zone would work.

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We have frequent power outages too, that is why a gas unit was a "must have" for me. If I had enough room, I'd do a 15" or a 12" gas unit and a 24" or 30" induction.

If you already have the gas cooktop, getting a Miele module would be the most cost-effective solution, I think, especially if the gas unit has controls on the top. I see absolutely no reason to pay top $ for Gaggenau in your situation.

Five burners are enough for most people. If you think you may need a sixth one sometimes, get a portable unit and save money and counter space. It makes it more convenient when two people are cooking and I take it with me to all car trips as I cannot cook on those electric coils in vacation rentals.


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